The Twins and Their Trappings  

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5/31/2006 8:13 am

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The Twins and Their Trappings

I love bras. I love pretty, lacy, delicate bras. I love bras with animal print. Bras in bold colored satin. Bras that enhance. Bras that make butt-like cleavage. Bras that cradle my tits so well, make them look so good, that I can't help but feel myself up while I'm wearing them.

Odd really, when you consider that I have a rather mediocre set of tits. Sure, there are those that would beg to differ, ones that have had their share of fun with my chest, but they're really nothing special. In a great bra, however? They look fucking phenomenal. And what an ego boost that is.

If you don't have any great bras (I'm addressing the ladies here guys, don't get fucking smart-assHAT with me) I highly recommend you running out and spending money on at least one. Try on every different style. Take the time to adjust the straps. Look long and hard at yourself in the mirror when you do. Grab your tits like an aggressive lover might. Get a sense of how good they feel in that bra, manipulated into prime shape. Bend over and look at the cleavage. Or try an enhancing bra that shoves them together. Fuck, blow kisses at yourself in the mirror and admire the beauty of the breast. The beauty of gorgeous wrapping on a priceless gift.

I don't care if you're an A cup or a FFF. Be proud of what you have and dress them in pride. They deserve it. Breasts can draw unwelcome attention to us at times, but they are undeniably the cornerstone of feminity. They are what make us girls. Now, if you aren't all that happy with being a girl, I suppose that can be an issue, but the point that I was trying to make is that it kicks ass to be a girl sometimes. Breasts are just one part of it, and thankfully, due to a huge market available to us, they're the easiest thing to pay homage to.

Having a gorgeous bra perfectly shaping your breasts into a show-stopping outline will make you stand straigher, make you hold your head up higher, make you realize the power that you have. Societies have come to fall over the beauty of a woman, and don't think for a second that her boobs weren't a factor in that.

I love some of my bras so much that there are times when I don't want to take them off, even times when there are eager fingers clawing at them. The bare breast can be a mesmerizing thing to look at some times, say in the right light and shadows, with the right angles, the right positions... but in a great bra? Every boob can look the masterpiece. Curves, rounded shape, nipples in exactly the right place. For those times when the visual is necessary, I have two words: transparent material.

This is starting to ramble and I've lost track of where I was heading with it, perhaps because I'm typing with one hand and stroking the lace on my bra with the other one. Boobies do distract me so, just ask the special friend who gives me advice on how to display them.

Final point? Boobs are fabulous. Treat them well. Dress them up. It puts a spring in your step and a sly smile on your face to know that you're wearing something lovely, even if under a basic t-shirt. Have fun with your boobs, ladies, and not just in the conventional way!

bipolybabe 54F

5/31/2006 8:16 am

I'm with ya here on lovely lingerie!

I love my breasts, and I love them even more with beautiful support.

Now, are matching panties essential or is it better live panty-free?


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