Hi! My Name is Bitch, and I'm Obnoxious!  

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5/24/2006 12:57 am
Hi! My Name is Bitch, and I'm Obnoxious!

So, the following is a response to many of you, but for the sake of newer readers who might not understand it and are contemplating a distant infatuation, I thought I'd post it. You can't say that I didn't warn ya ... and you did ask.

1. When I'm upset, I tend to say so. I don't think about my phrasing, I don't sugarcoat things to avoid hurting feelings. It just comes out. If I was harsh/judgemental/hypocritical, I will usually fess up to it after the fact and attempt to do damage control. It doesn't always work, which I usually boo-hoo about afterwards (as I hate not getting my way) but at least I fucking admit when I'm wrong.

2. When I'm happy, I can be almost annoyingly so. I will bounce around, make stupid jokes (that often offend) and generally make people feel like they would like to strangle me. I am most definitely a live-in-the-moment type of person. Sometimes this happiness wears off on others, and I will make otherwise sad/angry/indifferent people feel *up*. These people then follow me around and expect me to be this way all the time. Word of warning: I'm not.

3. When I'm depressed, it can overwhelm me. I will think of nothing but myself and how I perceive whatever the situation was that got me this way. However, when I am over it, I expect all other parties involved to be over it too. In fact, I expect people to get over my moods whatever they might be. Shit happens. No need to fucking dwell. But of course, I am the one who decides when the dwelling should end.

4. When I am angry, I use my words as my weapon. I will hit on whatever I know will hurt you the most. I can be vindictive, vicious and cruel when I am in angry mode and you happen to be around. I, of course, expect you to just get over it in this instance as well. I am only unleashing my anger as a way of purging it from my being. My advice? Fight back. Running away will only make it worse. I respect and shut up for the people who have the balls to not deal with my shit. Ignore me and fear the consequences. (I've got a big bark and little bite when it comes to retaliation. I seem to know the BIG limits.)

5. I can be the most loyal person you will ever know. I will put you through hell, but in the end, when you need me, I'm there in an instant. I know everything that you love and loathe (hence the being able to use it against you.... but in this instance, it's a positive thing), remember things when you forget, and can tell you the exact phrase to use on your friends/family to get your ass out of hot water with them.

So..... think of my friendship like a fire. I can burn you, and if you can deal with the fact that burns heal, then you'll never have to worry about being cold again.

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