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Subject: Goddess Bunny the Tap Dancer
From: Michael D

To Whom It Concerns:
Is Goddess Bunny supposed to represent humor? You're pathetically sick. As a Registered Nurse who has take care of the infirm, the sick, and the dying since the 1960s, I am insulted by your lack of common sense. This kind of humor should never be tolerated, is not funny to say the least, makes a mockery of the individual, and makes you look like the stupid ass you must be. To make fun of those whose lives are living on the edge of everyday for a few laughs and a couple of dollars is senseless and grossly immoral. Did you find Mr. Reeve's (Superman) paralysis funny?

I suggest you find a new line of work. This one will come back to haunt you. I guarantee it.

Michael D

Subject: Feeding Sessions
From: Chris P

Whoever made that blog,

You are a very, very sick person. I have been looking over your blog and agree with the views of the many hate mails you do get! In my opinion, you should seek out the help of the LORD, my disgusting friend! I have been a faithful servant of the lord almighty now for a good long time, and I can tell that you would benefit very much from seeking the LORD's forgiveness. He will change you in many ways if he doesn't first decide to smite you for your horrible acts here on this twisted little cantata of a website! I would like to use curse words to show you how evil you are, but with my new work schedule it would mean too many penance prayers to make up for telling you what you should hear! You are on the path of unrighteousness and I am scared for you! You deserve God's healing just as much as I do, but I am afraid you will turn away from it! Live in the light of JESUS, sweet child, and you will never go wrong! Everyone makes mistakes (usually not as many as you have), and they deserve to be forgiven! Make penance for your crimes against people, and GOD will hear your prayers and love them! Come clean, my poor, misguided friend!

Your Friend in Spirit

Subject: your blog is an embarassment
From: C M

You know, I go into your blog once in a while to see some funny clips, but don't go as often because I've realized something: your blog is cruel. Now, you've probably received some e-mails abous this topic in the past, but I know people that love your blog and I can see what type of people they are; self-loathing assholes or 14 year old boys that can't find a fuck for their lives. What's so funny about a diver smashing her on the diving board? What's funny about two elderly men fighting and one possibly really injuring himself. I read a joke about lesbians that wasn't funny at all, but you idiots probably don't know any lesbians to see that stupid jokes like that make you seem more and more ignorant, but like I said, anybody with a Jr High education would love these things. I get embarassed for you and I'm glad I'm not coming back. Man, you are typical, idiotic, Howard Stern supporters. Fucking embarassing.

Subject: Scum of the internet
From: bole

I'm sure the blog was funny and new when it started out.
But it has since then become the scum of the internet. If anyone, on any forum, ever, uses a link with your username in it, they are flamed to high-hell. How does it feel knowing this? Oh, and you're a faggot.

Oh, and die.

In the anal flame.


Subject: Horrible
From: Jane K

To whom it may concern:
When I first stumbled upon your blog, I found it to be quite amusing. The posts were entertaining, and the pictures were fun to view. But after a while, I began to take a closer look at everything that was thrown at me. Your blog is NOT amusing. It is down right STUPID. How dare you post entries of people who are mentally disabled. How DARE you make fun of people because of their looks, and nationally. How could you possible think your blog is amusing? You are frightening and insulting. How could you possibly post a blog that shows curse words and inappropriate content without any warnings? Do you honestly think this amuses people? I certainly hope not.

You know why you site is entitled "A Theatre of the Absurd"? It's because YOU are absurd. It's a world where it's appropriate to make fun of people, and to harm and frighten people to a point of no change. Your world consists nothing more than childish behavior. Obviously, you have no consent for other peoples' feelings. Otherwise, you would not have posted such disgusting content. Face the facts, buddy. This is the real world. You do not have the right to hurt people with a blog. It is so terrible! How can you possibly live with your self? What if you had a child or a relative who was mentally disabled, and you saw people making fun of them? What if YOU were the one, and there was nothing you could do? Do you even think about what other people will think? Do you even care about the people you have hurt with your horrible blog? I have no idea how you can live with yourself. You are a horrible, horrible person. You should stop what you are doing and delete this blog all together. Just stop and think. What do you get out of this? Laughter, self confidence? NO! You just continue to do it without thinking. Just stop! I hope that you die and rot in hell! You should NEVER judge people without expirencing their problems first. Go DIE, you freak!

Ticked Off

Subject: Hellbound
From: Brandy Zentner

Awful blog! I love to be a funny person, and prankster at times. But upon looking through your blog, I am just amazed how such a person like you could have even been created. Something went REALLY wrong during your mothers pregnancy. I went to the Hate Mail and read every letter on there. Well, I agree with 100% of what was said in each one. Words really cannot describe what you are. I am not going to use bad language at you, even though I would like to, what I would like to do is be a witness to you and show you that you can have Jesus in your life and turn your back on Satan. I am positive, just from the things you have on your blog, you will burn in Hell for eternity. I on the other hand have a mansion waiting for me in Heaven when I die. I would like to invite you to a mansion of your own. You CAN turn your life around and be a better person if you honestly know and believe that Jesus is real, and live your life for Him. I wonder if you even know what He went through for you and I to live with Him for eternity, rather than a death of fire for eternity. Judging from this blog, I don't think so. He went through a torture so painful, even I could not imagine. Not a one person, with Jesus in their life, would make fun of another person, laugh at the evils of this world, and not give a second thought to how others feel when they see these awful, awful things. Anyway, this is a Salvation message for you. I don't know if you still put hate mail on your blog, but I would so appreciate it if you would add this one, so that some of your "Fans" can read this also. This is a Salvation message, not just for you, but anyone who is willing to read on.

1. Confess your sins and admit that you are a sinner. Romans 3:10
2. Be willing and ready to repent from your sins. Acts 17:30
3. Believe that Jesus died on the cross for you, was buried, and rose from the dead. Romans 10:9-10
4. Pray and invite Jesus to come into your life and become your personal savior. Romans 10:13
5. Read and study the Holy bible and fellowship with other Christians.
6. If you don't have a bible you can purchase one just about anywhere.

John 3:16 says "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life."

The words that you pray to Him to accept Him into your heart are so simple. If you are not saved, then your name is not written in The Book of Life and you WILL spend eternity in Hell, with the devil, Satan. Hell is real. Fire is real. Just because your are dead don't mean that you will not feel the pain from the fire that you will live in. If you live in Heaven, there will be no pain, no sadness, no tears. just happiness for eternity. Satan was one of God's Angels, his name was Lucifer, and he was cast out and you will be too if you do not accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour. You don't have to be a preacher to pray. Just close your eyes, bow your head and confess your sins, ask Him to enter your life so you can live through Him. I hope you will, and all who work with you on this blog. Thank you for your time, but no thanks in anyway to what you are putting out there for others to see. If you want to add a variety of things to your blog, then please be sure to add this also.

You are in my prayers!! May God bless you, and enter your life soon, before it is too late!!!

Subject: hey there
From: nikki .

Hello there

I wanted you to know you have a lot of brains to get all of the games together, and start this blog.... But personally most of the topics on here are a little upsetting. It might be true that many people have problems.. It might be true that u.s. is getting many bombings, but you don’t have to make a joke about all of this…because many of these issues are serious. Do you realize that you’re brainwashing millions and millions of people by showing them this blog? Right away when you say retard many people think of someone who is ugly stupid and annoying. When you show epilepsy as a joke.. right away many automatically believe they are really a joke. Plenty of people get their info from the web and the T.V…. Our daily life is about movie stars and other people whom we’ve never met. So if you really think this doesn’t make an impact on people. Please think again. I know you’re smart enough to make the blog.. but are you quick enough to make the right decision not just for laughs but for the people in our world? You could be something great! You could teach people real lessons of life or real things while they have fun. Our world wouldn’t be so cliquey and everyone wouldn’t be judged upon as much. So the choice is yours…..

Nikki ‒ I am Smart
I am Pretty
I have many wonderful friends

…. I have epilepsy

…. I have depression

…. And I used to be compulsive

Have different thoughts on me now, eh?

Thanks a lot and I hope you think a lot about this e-mail. If you have time please write back


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