Booby Sweat  

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5/25/2006 8:13 am
Booby Sweat

donít give me that sneer of self righteous disgust. you know exactly what iím talking about and if you donít, itís because your sweating habits even more repulsive regions, like your ass crack. donít lie, asshat. we know about your swamp ass.

socal got its first taste of spring today. and weíre loving it. thereís something about moping that makes us all the more frenzied when the sun finally rears its pretty summertime face.

our pupils dilate and pulses quicken. we strap on our rollerblades, dig up last summerís running shoes, fill a cooler with beer and light up the grill. mouths water and palms grow moist as we realize that yes, summer is finally on its way.

i woke this morning, verified the forecast on my weatherbug and cast an elated grin at the blue sky as i raised my blinds. i skipped to the closet, threw back the doors and gazed adoringly at my favorite part of spring 2006, a bright turquoise tank top from the generra couture collection.

but just as i reached for the hanger, i felt it. wetness. in horror, i looked down to see the steaming beads of sweat plotting silently beneath my breasts. yes, they were scheming to unite and form a pool of such unpleasantry that it manages to somehow render unsexy one of the most feminine and attractive areas of my body.

fuck you, booby sweat.

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