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Yeah, I know it's been a long while since I last posted. I've been busy (and yes, some of that is "busy having sex") and I don't want to just toss up a quick post that isn't well written. If I'm going to write about my sex life, there's no point in doing it half-assed.

And speaking of sexy asses, it's time I wrote about one of my more recent lovers. I'll call her Kate. She's an avid runner and has a really nice ass. She's smart and talented, with an unassuming sexiness. A woman who always seems to be wearing great clothes that are unpretentious, but hint at the fabulous body underneath. She's blond (no, not naturally) and just over 40. I'm convinced there's no way I'm going to look as good as her when I'm 40, which kinda bums me out.

She's also married. Definitely a few issues around that, but let's not get into them now.

Kate and I met when I joined a local running club. We run at about the same speed, and so we've taken to running together. At times, as we chatted during our runs, I thought maybe she was interested in something more than just a running partner, but since she sometimes mentioned her husband (and wore her wedding ring) I figured I was just reading more into her words than she really meant.

We've had a few "running dates", where I meet her at her house in the Marina district and we run around Chrissy field and the Presidio. After one of our longer runs a while back, during one of those rare short streaks of hot weather in San Francisco, she invited me into her house for a bit of water. While enjoying a glass of deliciously cold water, she asked if I'd like to relax in her japanese soaking tub. I felt embarrassed to say that I didn't really know what a japanese soaking tub was. (I do now, of course, and I've included a picture of one with this blog post.)

So Kate led me to her (very large) bathroom and showed me her tub. I loved how deep it was and couldn't resist trying it. So Kate started it filling as she got me a towel. While she was off fetching my towel, I stripped off my sweaty running clothes. I heard the house phone ring as I started making my way into the tub, and Kate must've gotten into a protracted conversation, since by the time she came back with my towel, the tub was nearly full and I was leaning back enjoying the hot water.

She saw my running clothes on the floor and picked them up, saying she was going to put them in the wash for me, since it would be too gross to put them back on the way they were. I agreed with a single moan that somehow conveyed "that sounds great, thanks, and I'll just sit here and enjoy the soothing heat." A japanese soaking tub is kind of like a hot tub without jets. Just quiet relaxation in hot water.

Next thing I know, Kate's back and wearing just a large towel. "Do you mind if I join you?" she asked. "Of course not," I replied. I couldn't help but watch as she took the towel from her body and set it near the tub. Kate's pretty thin, and with all the running she does (much more than me), I was always a bit amazed that she could have such a significant chest. I suspected a bit of surgical enhancement, and after seeing her naked as she climbed into the tub, I was just about certain that I was right. Not that I really cared, since they looked pretty great.

Kate sat across from me and we closed our eyes and enjoyed the heat as it loosened our tired muscles. I asked her how she got the idea of putting a soaking tub in her house. She replied that she's always liked bath and massage spas and thought that having a private one would be nice. "I've even taken courses in a couple of types of massage," she said. "Would you like one?" How could I refuse?

We stepped out of the soaking tub and wrapped towels around ourselves. Kate he led me to the bedroom, grabbing some extra towels from a closet along the way. She apologized for not have a real massage table, but spread a couple of large, soft towels on the bed. I lay down on my stomach, and she covered my lower body with a dry towel. After rubbing some light oil on her hands, she began to massage my back. She was really good. Firm enough to rub a lot of the tension out of my muscles, but not so hard that it hurt (like deep tissue massage does).

She worked her way down to my lower back, her hands almost on my ass cheeks. She then spread my towel from my shoulders down to my thighs. Working from my feet upwards, she massaged my legs, which felt wonderful after having run so far earlier that day. Eventually Kate was making long strokes that went from the backs of my knees up to my ass, with each stroke moving closer to my inner thighs. Soon her upward strokes were reaching under the towel, coming up to my ass cheeks and then down through my inner thighs. Normally in getting a massage there an understood boundary designated by the towel, but I was so relaxed, and her touch so nice, that I didn't really care about that boundary being crossed.

Then she reversed the direction of her rubbing, with each stroke coming up between my thighs, her thumbs trailing along my outer pussy lips. I was a bit conflicted about what to do. Was this too sexual? Should I let her continue, or stop her? I felt so relaxed, and her hands so were so gently arousing me that I decided to just let her continue.

She kept rubbing slowly and expertly. Soon her thumbs were grazing my clit, and I thought that on the next coming stroke she might try to enter me. But she didn't. Her hands kept teasing, coming around on every long stroke. It was starting to drive me nuts.

I quickly rolled over onto my back. She was naked (I have no idea when she lost her towel) on her knees straddling my legs. I reached my arm up for her and when she reached out to meet it I grabbed her arm and pulled her down onto the bed, rolling over at the same time so that she ended up underneath me.

My legs straddled her thigh, my left arm still held hers, and I reached my right hand down between her legs, cupping her vagina. I could feel her arousal, slick between my fingers. Our eyes met, and we paused for a moment, staring at each other, our hearts racing. Her expression was a mixture of apprehension and expectation. She was desperation and exhilaration intertwined. It was a one of those intense moments where time seemed to stand still.

As I moved down to kiss her, I plunged two fingers into her wetness and curled them up to find her sweet spot while my thumb searched for her clit. I ground my clit against her thigh as my hand worked to pleasure her. Her body seemed to welcome me into her and she reached her free arm up over my back. I pushed my body against hers, setting a rhythm as I ground into her thigh, my fingers probing and stroking inside her. I could feel her body shudder when I found her G-spot with my fingers. With her lips next to my ear she whispered, "Oh God, yes." Now I had her in my hands, literally. "Oh God, don't stop," she pleaded, "please don't stop." And I didn't. Her body spasmed underneath me and I could feel her contractions around my fingers as her orgasm swept over her.

Arousing as it was, I hadn't quite reached my own peak before Kate did, so when her orgasm subsided, I repositioned myself so that I was straddling her face. I spread my lips to meet her tongue as her hands grabbed my ass cheeks. She buried her face in my pussy, sucking and licking my clit. As I started to orgasm, she continued to suck my clit rhythmically, sending extra waves through me as I came.

As my orgasm subsided, I moved back down over Kate, kissing her mouth, then her neck, then her breasts. (Yes, they are implants, and nice ones too.) I pinched her nipples with my fingers as I kissed down her stomach (which nearly has a six-pack, this woman works out so much), making my way between her legs. She parted them for me and I lowered my mouth to her clit, licking around it slowly and occasionally teasing it directly. "Oh yes. Please," she whispered.

I started working on her clit in ernest now, sucking gently and working it around with my tongue. Her body shook with jolts of pleasure as every time I changed my stimulation of her clit slightly. As I could feel her orgasm building, I slid two fingers inside her, searching for her G-spot again. When I found it, it was as if I had released a southern baptist. "Oh God, Oh God," she moaned. Finally, with a loud "Yes!", she came. Her body clenched tightly, with her nearly sitting upright, her hands grasping the back of my head and her pussy clamping on my fingers. (All those sit ups she's done have given her pretty strong Kegel muscles, I must say.)

When her orgasm faded, she remained sitting up, and I moved myself up to kiss her. As we kissed, I let her push me onto my back. She lowered her body onto mine and kissed my neck. She teased my nipples with her tongue while her hand slowly rubbed my clit. Soon her head was between my legs and her lips, tongue, and fingers were probing and rubbing me into a very happy state. Her tongue lapped at my clit as her fingers slid inside me. My hips began to involuntarily move to the rhythm of her hand as it slid in and out. She brought me to a fantastic orgasm, sucking my clit hard as I came.

As my body relaxed again, Kate moved up and lay beside me, a leg and arm over me. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do this" she said. I guess I really did know, if I think back to all the times we were running together.

"Yeah, me too, I guess," I responded. "But honestly, I'm conflicted about your being married and all."

"Oh yeah, that," she answered. "It's okay. He knows I have a thing for sexy women."

But is it really okay? Does he really accept this and not feel threatened? Does he even really know? It's not like I've talked with him about it. Or even met him. But this is a subject for a different blog entry.

Anyway, as we left the bedroom wrapped in towels, we put my clothes into her dryer and went to the kitchen, where we had a small snack and talked a bit while enjoying the view. When the dryer buzzed, we went to fetch my clothes. I put on my sports bra and shirt, and as I was about to step into my underwear, Kate dropped to her knees in front of me. "Let me," she said, as she moved her mouth to my pussy. I balanced myself against her dryer as she began licking my clit. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back as I welcomed her fingers inside me again. Thankfully the dryer held me up well, as my legs started to buckle as I came.
Kate wiped me clean with the towel I had shed, and helped me into my panties and shorts. She walked me to her door, kissed me, and said, "I hope you want to go running again with me soon."

"Definitely," I said. And we have. But that's for another blog entry.

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6/28/2006 9:06 am


Please write more often... you have an amazing gift for it!

rm_ispreadu 52M

6/30/2006 4:11 pm

Now thats a massage. Great job. Can't wait till the next blog.

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7/5/2006 3:34 pm

i need a running partner

hagrid665 49M

8/12/2006 10:31 am

So beautiful, has this really happened? It seems like a fantastic fantasy. I agree with chi, you have a gift for writing.

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7/16/2007 12:54 pm

Hey not sure you check this blog often as this entry is very old and yet I'm just stumbling across it now. But, I just wanted to see if you're interested in meeting when my wife and I visit Napa in mid-sept '07. She's beautiful, we both run and do triathlons/duathlons, and I am trying to find her an attractive, sane playmate. Although, that is seeminly difficult to do so far.

She's 5'9", blonde, 36d, shaved, long thin legs, gorgeous... Hope you get this. Would love to hear from you!!

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