Rick and the "feeldoe"  

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4/21/2006 4:41 pm

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Rick and the "feeldoe"

I'm still in "kiss and tell" mode, so let me tell you about a great time I had with a really sweet man last month. He's not someone from this website (although I've really been trying to get him to join). I met him kinda casually, just through friends of friends at a group dinner. We didn't really go out on dates, but kept running into each other at various events and parties where mutual friends hung out. It wasn't until we'd kinda gotten to know each other through many long conversations that either of us even contemplated getting together sexually. I guess now we're "friends with benefits", although we've only slept together a few times.

Anyway, he (let's call him Rick) offered to make me dinner at his place (a small, but nice loft in the south of market area). I won't make any claims about his cooking being great (sorry Rick, if you're reading this!) but I had a great time talking with him. He's really smart. Ridiculously smart. He seems to understand a lot about a lot (being several years older than me doesn't hurt, I guess), so it's always fun to hear his take on things.

After dinner we had drinks on his couch (he does make a very nice gin & tonic!) and talked about life, love, and of course, sex. We discussed various fantasies: I told him about how I want to be taken and used by a pair of hot lesbians, and he told me about how he wants to have an intimate relationship with an older married couple where the husband is bisexual. I could barely contain myself. I cute, smart, funny guy talking about sexual fantasies? How could I not try to kiss him? So I did.

The next thing I know we're horizontal on his couch, kissing and touching each other's faces and necks. I reached up and pulled off his shirt and helped him get my shirt and bra off. It felt so nice to feel his chest against mine. He has just enough hair to provide a nice texture (my nipples love the feeling of rubbing against him) but not so much that he looks like some animal-human hybrid.

We continued making out and pressing our bodies together until he kissed his way down to my bellybutton and started slowly opening my jeans. The anticipation was so arousing. (I actually worried for a second what he would think if he pulled down my jeans and saw that I'd completely soaked my panties.) When he finally pulled my jeans off, he was sitting up on his knees, so I reached for his belt to get his pants off too, but he gently pushed me back down on the couch. He kissed his way from my ankles to my inner thigh, and I'm sure he felt my body trembling. He gently pushed my legs apart slightly and licked around the edges of my panties (by then they were truly soaked, but I couldn't have cared less).

I felt his hands pull the front of my panties to one side and his tongue start to lick my pussy lips and gently probe towards my clit. When his tongue found it, it was like an electric shock, and I arched my back and grabbed his head. He began to lick me in earnest, alternating between sucking my clit and flicking it with his tongue. A guy who gives good head has been a bit rare in my world as of late, so I really relished the experience of Rick giving my pussy some good attention. His talents brought me to a great orgasm, the first of several that night.

After I came, he slowly kissed his way up my body until he reach my mouth. I thanked him for the great cunnilingus and gave him a well deserved smooch. As he kissed my neck, I whispered to him that I wanted to return the favor and suck his cock. He stood up off the couch, offered me his hand, and led me upstairs to the bed in his loft.

I quickly helped him out of his pants and began a slow, deliberate examination of his cock and balls while he lay on his back. Rick has a nice cock. Not too big. Not too small. A really nice shape, with a nice head and curve. It looked a lot like a few strap-on dildo's that I've seen. I licked the length of his shaft several times while fondling his balls, trying to give him the same anticipation I felt. He let out a small groan when I finally took his cock in my mouth completely.
I noticed that he had shaved from his balls to his ass, so I figured he might like some extra attention there. While I stroked his shaft with my hand, I licked and fondled his balls, slowly licking my way as far towards his ass as I could. My hand on his shaft was like a "turn on" meter. I could feel his cock throb when I did something that really aroused him. Rick's favorite seemed to by my gently rubbing a wet finger around his asshole while I licked the underside of his balls.

I could tell that if I kept stroking him like this he was going to come, and I wanted some serious intercourse, so I eventually stopped and asked him to find me a condom. He reached over to the nightstand and retrieved one, and we put it on together. Then I straddled him and guided his cock into me. I rode him for quite a while, positioning his cock to hit my G-spot and griding my clit against him. I came twice, and both times, after my vision came back, I saw that Rick was smiling at me. I think he really liked watching me come on him.

We changed position several times, going from variants of missionary all the way to doggie style. I know I came a few more times, but I can't remember just how many. Eventually Rick was fucking me from behind really hard, his hands gripping my ass and hips, pulling me into his thrusts. "Fuck me", I rasped. "Fuck me hard." That really set him off, and seconds later he was groaning as orgasm overtook him.

We lay together on the bed afterwards, joking about how we had wanted to fuck each other for a quite a while, but hadn't really been sure about whether the other person was going to be good. It was nice to just be with someone who had a great sense of humor about sex.

I could tell Rick was getting horny again, as his caresses moved from my back and neck towards my breasts. While his fingers circled my nipples and gently pinched them, I reached down to feel his growing cock. "Have you ever fucked a guy?", he asked. "Like with a strap-on?", I replied. "Yeah", he answered. I had to admit that I'd never really thought about it. "Want to fuck me?", he asked, with a raised eyebrow. Now here was a guy without a lot of hangups.

He dug around under the bed and pulled out a blue double-ended thing that he told me was called a "feeldoe". (I've since Googled it and learned more about it, and I'll try to include a picture of it in this post.) I giggled at it, holding it in my hands and trying to figure out just how it was going to work. He explained that I should put the short, bulbous end inside my pussy and then it would work like a harness-free strap-on. I was a bit skeptical about it staying put. Yet, once I put it in there, it really did seem to stay. It definitely helped to keep my legs together, though. There's even a little vibrator in it near where my clit touches the dildo. That felt very nice.

I like the sensation of having a cock sometimes. Without a harness, the sensation was a bit more pure, although my worries about my end falling out remained. "Lube?", I asked. Rick reached over to the bedside table and handed me a bottle. "Okay", I said, lubing my new blue cock, "assume the position."

With Rick on his hands and knees, a poured lube on his asshole and worked my fingers around to get him a bit loosened up. Then I very, very slowly pushed my blue cock into him. I had to remind myself to keep my legs together, but that wasn't hard, since it gave me more control and made the vibrating dildo feel better against my clit. Rick grunted as I pushed into him. I tried to be really careful, since asses are sensitive and I didn't feel like I had to much feedback from the feeldoe itself with regards to how hard I should push. Eventually I had it a little over halfway into his ass and he said he was fine.

Once I knew he was okay, I relaxed a bit and enjoyed the sensation of the feeldoe inside me and the "mindfuck" of being the penetrator. I've fucked plenty of girls with dildos before, but fucking a guy was new to me, and the thrill of pumping a cute guy in his ass (and it was an exceptionally cute ass) was incredibly arousing. It wasn't long before I had a pretty good orgasm doing it.

When my orgasm subsided, I asked Rick, "can you come like this?" His answer was that some guys might, but that doggie style didn't push against his prostate in the right way. So I pulled out and he lay down on his back. I grabbed a couple of pillows and put them under his butt. A bit more lube, and I was ready to fuck him again. This time I pushed in slowly and asked him to tell me when the feeldoe was hitting him the way he liked. It didn't require as deep a penetration as I had expected, which allowed me a bit more flexibility in terms of the angle of attack. Soon we'd found a good rhythm and we were grunting and groaning together.

When I fuck a girl missionary style with a strap-on, I sometimes like to watch her breasts bounce with the rhythm of my thrusts. But fucking a guy means watching his cock and balls move. A totally different experience, let me tell you. And I loved it. Eventually I couldn't resist and lubed his cock and balls so I could stroke them while I fucked him. Rick loved it. "Yeah", he gasped, "fuck me. Make me come." I was happy to oblige.

I started slowly, stroking in time to my slow thrusts. After a while, my hand was sliding up and down his cock faster than I could thrust, but it made no difference. I was really getting off on watching Rick get close to orgasm, and as I could tell his explosion was imminent, I reached down with my other hand to my clit and rubbed furiously. He shot his load straight up and it mixed with the lube as I continued to stroke him. I came seconds later.

I pulled out and collapsed on my back next to him. We were exhausted but happy. I told him I thought every woman should fuck a guy like this once in their lives. He laughed and answered "only once?".

rm_hilux6 41M
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4/29/2006 1:38 am

I am totally impressed by your writing, as I am totally impressed by the experiences you have had. I can only imagine how intense your life is. These two tales are obviously either real, fantasy, or a mix of both, but really it doesn't matter, as you have an imagination to be envied, an imagination that leads you to places that others can only dream of. Stay cool sweet thing..love well.

dangermouse6969 43M
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4/29/2006 3:48 pm

great story my dear keep it up was very turned on by this sounded like a good night

we2arehere1 53M
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5/5/2006 1:30 am

Thanks SF Bliss !!
Thanks for the story...thanks for the new product launch (which is now on my shopping list) and thanks for a new scenario to add to the fantasy catalogue.
We are going to enjoy this one

strapon_play_4us 56M/54F
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7/15/2009 7:35 am

wow... what a great experience! we can only imagine how beautiful and sexy you must look wearing that feeldoe and pegging "rick"! HOT! thanks for sharing...

furious904 44M  
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7/3/2010 12:57 pm

Very hot story. I know I am a few years late reading it, but great novels never get old, do they?

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