My first post - Maria  

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My first post - Maria

I used to think I wasn't the "kiss and tell" type, but I've certainly had some great experiences that I'd love to share. I'll change the names to protect the wicked and kinky (unless they really want me to identify them).

So let me start things off with an experience I had a few months ago. I first met Maria when I was out at a bar with my friend Sarah and her new boyfriend. The three of us were sitting at a table, and throughout the conversation I couldn't stop eyeing Maria, who was sitting at the bar. Maria was older, probably early 40's, and had a mature presence. Her skin was a wonderful, smooth, brown, which I later learned was the result of her spanish, greek, and brazilian parents. She had a smattering of gray in her close-cropped hair, which to me just added to her matriarchal presence. She was wearing a somewhat tight, but not fancy white tanktop and jeans, with a pair of low but stylish black boots. All in all, she looked pretty butch, which isn't really my type, but Maria had something that captivated me.

My friends eventually noticed that I was talking to them, but looking at Maria, and when I explained that I thought the older, somewhat butch woman at the bar seemed really interesting, they thought I was joking. "No, really", I said. "There's really something about her that does it for me." Sarah said that she'd talked with her a few times and that she'd introduce me. Before I could raise any real objection, she and her boyfriend were marching me to the bar. As he ordered drinks, Sarah introduced me to Maria. I was really nervous, and kinda embarrassed, hoping like crazy it didn't show.

Long story short, I exchanged phone numbers with Maria and we set up a date. We met for drinks at a small but warmly lit bar in the south of Market area. She and I talked for what seemed like hours about our families and jobs. The details escape me now. I only recall being really fascinated by her background and her incredible skin. Sometime past midnight, and at least three gins and tonics, she asked me, "What would you like to do now?" "I was hoping you'd take me home", I answered, adding "to your house" a second later. Maria just smiled, slowly stood up, and calmly led me out of the bar by the hand.

Her apartment wasn't big, but it had nice artwork. She led me into her bedroom, which had a large closet near one side of the bed that had sliding doors that were floor-to-ceiling mirrors. She pulled me to her and kissed me. She held me firmly in her arms and I melted into her. She took off my clothes slowly and deliberately, kissing the newly exposed skin, cupping by breasts in her hands, running her fingers up my inner thigh.

Maria gave me a gentle push backwards onto the bed. As she removed her own clothes, I marveled at her figure and perfect skin. Her breasts were natural, large, and full, with inviting dark brown aureoles. When she climbed on the bed and lay down upon me, I felt a rush in finally getting to feel her smooth skin against mine. It was fantastic. I don't know what she did as far as skin treatments go, but whatever it was, it sure worked. Everything I touched; breasts, arms, ass, legs, it was all such smooth and firm skin.

We kissed deeply and explored each other's bodies. I kissed her neck as her hand found it's way between my legs. She teased me slowly with her fingers before finally parting my lips and rubbing my clit. Her expert touch had me panting in no time. I looked up at her and saw her perched above me, one arm fully extended to hold her upper body weight, the other working between my legs with an increasing rhythm. She reached for my elbow and held it down, preventing me from reaching up for her. I could tell she liked watching me as I got closer to climax, and it aroused me more to see her smile, her body moving with mine, her breasts hanging like ripe fruit. I came quickly.

Maria waited until my vision had returned (it was a really good orgasm) before getting on her needs and straddling my head, presenting me with her pussy. It, like the rest of her body, had beautiful brown skin on the outer lips, and a savored the opportunity to touch and taste it. Soon my face was buried between her legs, my tongue working circles around her clit and occasionally probing into her. She ran her fingers through my hair and watched me as I sucked and licked her. I felt her legs shudder and saw her breasts bounce as she orgasmed.

"I think I'm ready to fuck you now", she said as she climbed off of me. "Please do", I responded. She hopped off the bed and dug through her dresser until she found a double-ended dildo (she told me later it was called a "Nexus" ) and a harness. I'd used strap-ons before, but not one of the double-ended ones. Before I knew it, Maria was back on the bed, lubing her black and white marbled dick on her knees in front of my spread legs.

She eased herself over me, one hand holding herself up, the other guiding her cock into me. I welcomed it inside and with a few slow thrusts, she had it in up to the hilt. She lowered herself onto me and kissed me as she slowly moved her cock in and out of me. I wrapped my arms around her and moaned into her neck. It was bliss.

Maria was no slouch with her strap-on. She moved expertly, thrusting slowly but forcefully, and with a little extra "oomph" at the end to ensure that my clit got some extra attention. Before long I was panting and moaning, headed for another climax. Maria grabbed my wrists and held them above my head, her arms now holding her torso just high enough above mine that I could feel her nipples as they grazed my skin. She looked down at me with a focused intensity and started thrusting harder. As I rapidly approached my orgasm, I realized a key aspect of Maria's sexual arousal: she likes to watch. As she watched the waves of my orgasm take me, I could feel her going over the top as well. She groaned and her body shook, drips of sweat landing on me, her eyes never leaving my face.

She put her breasts to my mouth and I hungrily licked her sweat off them both. When I was done she pulled out and told me to get on my hands and knees. I certainly wasn't going to object--Maria was certainly treating me right with her strap-on. When I got to the position, I was facing the headboard. This was not what Maria had in mind, so she turned me until I was facing the mirrored closet doors. Maria wanted to watch.

She plunged her cock into my waiting wetness and went to work. I saw that she was watching me in the mirror and I watched her too. I watched as a beautiful older woman fucked me, her breasts bouncing slightly as she thrust into me, her hands firmly pulling my hips into hers. I watched my own body swaying to the rhythm she dictated. I felt myself let go to her desires and the pleasures they were giving both of us.

At one point I let me head drop down (who keeps they're head up all the time during doggy style?), and Maria grabbed my hair and pulled it back up. She wanted to see my face as she fucked me. When she let go of my hair I settled for a compromise by dropping my shoulders to the bed, grabbing the comforter with my arms and resting my chin on it so that my face was visible. Maria kept thrusting, changing the pace sometimes, keeping me just a hair's breath away from orgasm. It was simultaneously frustrating and fantastic.

As she continued to fuck me from behind, she took a lubed finger (or was it a thumb?) and slowly pressed it into my ass. The extra stimulation (I like anal stimulation when I'm already ridiculously aroused) was incredible. It must have shown on my face, since it seemed to entice Maria to thrust harder and work more seriously with her finger.

Just as I was close to cumming, she pulled her finger and cock out of me. She grabbed my ankles and pulled them back, plopping me down on my stomach. She pushed my legs together and straddled them as she added lube to her cock. "Oh God", I thought. "Is she really going to do this to me?" I've had anal sex before, including with some small toys, but never with a strap-on. Everything Maria had done so far indicated she was an experienced and talented lover, so I figured I'd trust her to not hurt me.

She pushed ever so slowly into me, adding extra lube and massaging my ass cheeks as she held them apart. I could she her smile as she watched the expression on my face: alternating tension and pleasure, with pleasure eventually taking over. She moved her hands to my hips and pushed down as she pulled me onto her cock. She was truly an expert; instead of just thrusting into my ass, she moved my body towards her, my clit rubbing against the bedsheets beneath me. Before I knew what I was doing, I was pushing myself to the her rhythm, her cock in my ass and my clit rubbing the bed. I watched as she fucked me, her sweat running down her chest, her body swaying to the rhythm. I watched her watch me as my face contorted with pleasure. I watched her fucking become more fierce and concentrated as I groaned louder and my face betrayed an oncoming orgasm. I watched her come hard, her whole body shaking, and it set me off on my own climax.

She pulled out of me and took off her strap-on. As she lay down on her back, I slid over to her and lay down with my head on her chest. She stroked my hair as we enjoyed the afterglow. My afterglow still hadn't faded by the time I went home the next morning. In fact, it seemed like it lasted for days.

ShredForesVinci 40M
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4/19/2006 10:24 pm

Wow Mrs. SFBliss that was one incredible story, I had to read it twice. This is my first posting too, and while it isn’t as engaging as yours I wanted to put some reply up. So I’ll just say thank you for the wonderful bed time story. Good luck finding more playmates

SirMounts 102M

4/20/2006 6:19 pm

Sounds like a wonderful adventure. *winking*
Welcome to the blogs. *smiling*

softsexystrong 55F
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4/28/2006 1:25 pm

I can see why you liked spending time with me too!


rm_flkydan 54M
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4/28/2006 9:38 pm

now that was an awesome time .you sound like you really know yourself and you would have too to write such a passionate story.keep up the fun.

horny196364 52M

8/27/2008 12:18 pm

loved it very hot beautiful

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