We Had Sex Twice a Day for the Next 9 Days  

sexywhiteboy07 46M
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3/12/2006 3:32 pm
We Had Sex Twice a Day for the Next 9 Days

I cant even describe this time it was so weird, I felt like I didn't even know Samantha. We had serious communication problems, and when we did talk, she was coming at me with surprises, revealing lies from 11 years ago to lies from 1 hour ago. It was all very hard to take.
At this time, Sam is supposed to be straight, she was going to rehab, and a psychiatrist. It was at this time that I went and talked to Sean a couple more times. I felt like I threatened him and I didn't want to think I was a total ass. Plus, I still thought that I could do uknowhat without affecting Sam's sobriety (stupid, I know). Sean actually came over again and turned me on, and we hung out, talked and traded CD-rs.
I was working out again and starting to feel good. I was doing all kinds of stuff with the kids (which Sam missed) ... Children's Museum, cousins birthday party, 'Winn Dixie' ...It seemed like she was straight, but there were signs she was using.
The night Sean came by, Sam got home very late, then just woke me with a blow job and fucked me silly. Matter of a fact, we had sex at least twice a day for the first 9 days! Was she feeling the power of rehab? ...was she c...d to the gills? ..... I don't know, probably never will.
Also at this time, she was going thru all of my pussy pictures of other girls (next post). Every time she looked at em, we had sex and she would ask me questions about the girls. We also had a threesome with Erica, and Tiff.
Half the time I felt like we were making major strides. We WERE making strides, being honest, she was in rehab. The other times, I felt suspicious, especially from May 6 on (the night Sean came by & she came home late).

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