The White Stripes .......... vs. ................. New Edition  

sexywhiteboy07 46M
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3/29/2006 9:02 am
The White Stripes .......... vs. ................. New Edition

I Love the White Stripes. The band, not the d. rug, The Stripes cancelled their last concert because Jack White broke his hand, but now they had a make up date at the Murat. Woooo Hooooo!
Samantha came in work and I excitedly told her I wanted to go and asked her if she wanted to go to, too. She says she likes the White Stripes, plus it would be a date for us, so I thought she would be excited. She said she didn't really want to go, but I could go with Jimmy or by myself. What!!! I was bummed! The day went on and I asked her a couple more times but was rejected each time. Finally, I just let it go figuring that she would change her mind or I would go with someone else. The rest of the day was pretty normal. I was super busy at work, so I was a little preoccupied.
Samantha worked that night and a little later in the evening she called and said that Cleyteus had asked us to go see New Edition and 2 other no-name, has been groups in Chicago with him and some people. She said we had backstage passes, good seats, etc. She was really excited about it but she would have to switch at work, get a sitter, etc. I was totally insulted and a little offended. Why would she want to see New Edition? We would have been the only white people going, the only white people backstage and the only white people in the whole venue. It was 3 hours away and we don't even have a reliable car, we would have to pay a sitter, pay for gas ..... yet she wanted to go BAD. Plus, those bands suck ass, and the White Stripes are a cool, relevant band with great music.
Not only that but I had threatened Cleyteus to never sell Sam uknowhat again, and he and I weren't exactly cool. What the fuck!!!! She wasn't even supposed to be around him.
Now I know that John was on vacation around then and she was probably getting uknowhat from him alone. It is so fucked up, she is such a liar, even about the smallest things. I told her that I didn't think we could make it logistically, and tried to play it down from how upset that I was. She tried to argue about cost, but it would have been about the same to see White Stripes in town with my parents baby sitting. I told her that I thought she was insensitive, especially since she knew the tension between Cleyteus and myself, and how it looked like she was taking his side and disrespecting me. If we had gone, what was she gonna do? ... go tell Cleyteus "Don't tell him this... don't say that..... " Have a bunch of secrets, worry the whole time that he is going to say somthing, or I'm going to ask the wrong question.
How many people would choose New Edition over The White Stripes anyway? That is fucked up in itself! I should divorce her for that alone. Seriously, I can't believe that I am even with a girl that would make that choice. Samantha is totally square when it comes to music. She totally fell for that bullshit in high school, and has never grown up out of it. She has it stuck in her head that that old MC hammer/LLcoolJ/NewEd is cool. In reality all of her friends (and mine) are talking about garage and new Alternative vibe and she looks like a geek most of the time. Her friends are cooler than she is. She doesn't even know who common bands like Boston or Alice in Chains are, it is embarrassing! I like and shit to, but I am not such a frickin wigga that I don't know who BOSTON is!
I get so wound up talking about this.
I can't believe what a square she is ........ fuckin NEW EDITION!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!
It is probably not New Edition at all, it probably has more to do with Cleyteus ...... but why the fuck would she risk her whole marriage/family for that asshole? She didn't become friends with him over uknowhat, she did uknowhat because she was frineds with him. FUCK!!!

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