The Pixies Live Pix!!!!!!  

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The Pixies Live Pix!!!!!!

Here is Frank Black and Joey Santiago (Of The Pixies) in Rock Star mode!

We originally got some .. for her B-Day and enough that I would have some to share with my bud, Jim, at the Pixies concert. I put some back from the _, and we did all that was left on Sun night.
So now it is Monday, and we are out, and Samantha is a total bitch. We had just had a total blast for several days now, ....birthday.., eating out ... had sex uncountable times...... two 3sums, partied every night, uknowhat, kind... alcohol... food. She got everything she asked for, and now she was going to wake me up mean and bitchy. I felt used. She had agreed not to do uknowhat again, and now she was blaming me that she had back spasms (it was uknowhat tension), she was miserable, she was wired, she wanted divorce, etc.
This was all because of me.
It was so bad that it set us back from any progress we had made. My dad came into the shop to install locks on the back door and I told him about Jen's threats and our crumbling marriage. That night was so fucked up and I had such anxiety that I did Jimmy's half of what I had s...
June 7th..... I love the Pixies and I have never had the chance to see them live (Saw Frank Black Though!). Amazingly, they staged a comeback tour and I finally had my chance.
I really wanted Samantha to go, but she was acting so distant/irratable that we finally determined that i should go by myself/friends. Plus she didn't even like the Pixies. I was actually sceptical of her intentions. She kept trying to hook me up with her lez pal, Heather. Why? I felt like she was having an affair and she was trying to make things even by letting me fuck Tiffany and Erica, and fixing me up w/ Heather.
I know most guys (think they) would be envious of getting to have sex with other girls, but it actually started to make the situation worse. It made me more suspicious, more detached, more overly decadent.
I love group sex, and it sure was fun, but I just feel everything comes with a price. I just wondered what my final price was going to be.

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