New Film Contraceptive  

sexywhiteboy07 46M
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3/26/2006 6:37 am
New Film Contraceptive

Samantha opened (at work) and hooked up, so I guess that is why she was in such a good mood. But she was all lovey dovey and being nice and trying to make up. I had a great day anyway, I took the kids to Ft. Benjamin Harrison Park and we went hiking and throwing rocks in the water and taking pictures. It would have been perfect, but Jett wanted to take a shortcut back to the car, and we got off the path and got lost. We trekked thru knee high weeds and by the time we got back Jett and I were both itching like crazy (BabyGirl was fine, I carried her the whole way!). When we finally emerged, we were covered with welts and rashes! It looked like we had poison ivy all over and we made a break for Nature Center to see if they might have something for it. While we were waiting in the air conditioning for Rx, all our bumps dissappeared! They said we had just walked thru fireweed, and not poison ivy! Wooo Hooo! That actually saved the day from disaster, we toured the center and went out to feed the horses. Then we went to Costco and had lunch and ice cream. All of the rash was gone, the day was saved, and we went home to tell mom of our adventure.
Sam was just getting off work when we got home, Fathers Day was the next day, and she was in a good mood. She had hooked up with John, and we were anticipating some good partying. We had been arguing, but things were good and we both needed some attention. We both had Sunday off (US Grand Prix, Fathers Day) so we just got freakin wasted. We did many liniages, many shots and had very intense sex.
Sam had purchased a new contaceptive because she wanted me to cum inside her. It was a film that went over her cervix. So after an hour or so of sex, she reached over and got it out. It was weird, but it put it on my fingertips and slid it up her wet tube. It instantly started to melt and we wasted no time getting back in the groove. We waited 15 minutes (directions) and when she was ready to have her orgasm she started moaning and going crazy. She grabbed me by my asscheeks and pulled me into her, I pumped her clinching pink tube and we both started kissing and moaning as we came together. The next day was father's Day and everything seemed great.

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