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This was just another normal day. Work, work out, feed the kids, etc. I put the kids to bed and drank the rest of the whiskey and had a smoke.
Samantha called home and said that Liz might come by. I was already pretty buzzed and I was excited that this might be our chance to get Lizzy in bed. I drunkenly dashed around the house trying to clean up. Liz DID come over! We smoked out and flirted and when Samantha went to the bathroom, I finaly had a chance to talk to her alone for a few minutes.
I asked her if she was holding and she said yes! I briefly told her about Sam and her mouth dropped. I said I didn't want Sam to know and I told her about rehab and that uknowhat was off limits for her. She agreed and slipped me a nice size baggie and told me it was on her. NICE! I did a small line and saved the rest for the next couple of days. Samantha came back down and we pretended like nothing even happened. We smoked out but she didn't stay very long.
We both wanted her, so I was a little dissappointed, but at least I had a little stash. We all made the move to the door and Sam went in the house first, leaving us in the doorway of the G-Bar. I turned to go in, and she turned toward me and we ran smack into each other, literally face to face. We looked at each other and smiled and put our arms around each other and had a brief but hot kiss. We heard Sam walking in the hall before we realized what we were doing and broke off with nervous laughter. Sam came around the corner and saw us embraced and gave a knowing smile.
Then we all went out for a smoke, and once again Sam leaves us alone to talk. I told her a little more and asked her to score me some cola every once in a while. She understood where I was coming from, and agreed.
I did my stash all day the next day into the night (Aug 11). It was bizarre doing uknowhat behind her back, and I tried to imagine her position. I thought it was kind of boring doing it by myself and wished that she was in on it. Later, I looked at pictures and realized that she probably WAS on it, we were both just hiding it from one another. We went to the State Fair with the family and it was weird. We came home and had sex.
The next night (Aug 12) Brian came over again and I thought that was just strange. Beth was supposed to come over , too, but stood us up. Sam got all weird when Brian left, I asked her if she was using and she got pissed. She started a fight for no reason and then didn't want to have sex. I started to get worried, I sensed something was up, little did I know.
Later, She would tell me that this was the first day that she started using again. I bet she forgot, and it was actually days earlier because that is about when she started acting like the old idiot.

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4/5/2006 3:50 pm

Ok, I'm wondering what you were thing at this point. Was it the philosophy that "relapse is part of recovery," or "Samantha will never get clean," or something else.

Lady Bambi

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