Getting a buzz and Finding a condo on the internet  

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3/29/2006 1:21 pm

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Getting a buzz and Finding a condo on the internet

We were actually going to Florida!!! I had spent my last several days gettin buzzed and cruisin the internet for the best deal on condos. I found some great deals on 2 bedroom, gulf front condos. They also came with free golf, fishing, museum passes, waterpark passes, beach service.... everything! It was awesome!
I started tanning a little and even went to the tanning bed a couple times. Things would have been really great, but Samantha was acting so freakin weird. When she wasn't being distant, she just acted like she was totally out of it, just scatterbrained, incompetant, and we should have been close.
When she called from work, I knew something was up from her voice alone. Once agin she claims she is not using. Before she is supposed to come home she calls and says that Liz is coming by.
It keeps getting later and she keeps acting weirder. Finally, she comes home and says that Liz is not coming, but Liz sent me a little care package. She said that Liz and Heather were going over to John's apartment because John is really happening, (which is weird because John tried to fuck Liz in my basement and I'm sure that Patty heard all about that!). Sam was pissed and depressed that she wasn't single because she wanted to go over there. This hurt my feelings but I didn't say anything. Anyway....
Sam said she wanted some lines out of the stash, and that I could have the rest. She said that she wasn't going to do any.
Then of course the next day (July 2) She is jonesin and wanted some, but said she didn't want to go back on her word (but she probably had her own stash anyway). She is always argumentative when she is like this. It is that time when she says she wants a divorce and blames everybody else on her misfortune.
The next day she had a family reunion and we took the kids. She was uncommonly mean, just meaner than usual, and for no reason out of the blue. I know it was totally because she gave me the cola. She was hungover and being rude to me in front of her mom and grandpa. Just unexplained bitchyness. Why? I would have shared, or was she hungover? Did she feel guilty about all of the lies? Was she pissed she told me? That she gave me her stash? I don't know the reason, but she was cruel all day. On the way home we stopped at a state park and went swimming, and she was rude in public, being animated, arguing loudly and letting everyone at the pool know she was pissed. I even took her to Q-doba to try and pacify her, she would ber happy for a minute, then remember that she was supposed to be mad and revert back to a big grouch.

hotstuff2x4u2cum 55M/57F

3/29/2006 6:43 pm

Hey Sexy,What part of Florida are you goin to?Is it Destin on the Panhandle?Or is it Panama City?Do tell Sexy,do tell.

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