Florida???????? ............... FLORIDA!!!!!!!  

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3/31/2006 10:18 am

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Florida???????? ............... FLORIDA!!!!!!!

I woke up and instantly went to the TV to watch the weather. At that very time, the hurricane was smashing into our condo. I went to GB and got on computer and tried to figure something out.
Since the peak season for Daytona was in spring (and hotels were cheaper in the Summer, and had vacancies), we decided that might be the better place to go.
We had decided to leave around 8 anyway, and drive all night, so for the rest of the day we tried to go on like everything was normal. We went shopping, got our rental car, ate dinner, and by the time 7 o'clock rolled around, we were putting on the finishing touches.

The car had a CD player and drove pretty nice. I drove all night til just before 12 and we stopped at a gas station. Samantha crashed out and I drove til about 4am.
When she woke up, She asked me if I wanted her to drive and I couldn't resist. We switched, and within minutes, I passed out. I woke up in Georgia and Sam drove a little longer until we stopped for breakfast at Shoney's about 8. Sam insisted that we eat there (I thought it was too expensive) but when we got our bill, it was over $20 for breakfast.
It was now July 10 and we had all eaten, so I took back over the drivers seat and we headed southeast. We decide that the first thing that we would do is go to the closest beach, and Jacksonville happened to be the place. The drive seemed pretty quick until we got to Jax, then traffic was slow. When we finally reached the beach, the weather was wild! The hurricane was hitting the other coast, but it was storming and blowing like it was about to hit us! It was really a fantastic site, very loud, giant waves crashing, wind blowing sand around.
BabyGirl was terrified but fascinated. Jett thought it was totally cool. We hung out for a while getting our feet wet digging in the sand and taking pictures. There were shells everywhere and Jett was loving it. We were finally in Florida, It was so surreal, I was elated and overwhelmed. Could we make this work?
We hung out for a while and decided that we wanted to get to St. Augustine, put our stuff in a hotel and go to beach, so we all got packed up and headed to St. Augustine for a hotel. We found a cheap little hotel in a travel guide, got our key and I swipe card and fling door open and walk in on a guy and a girl! They had given us the wrong room and key! Then they put us right next to them. We unload and head to the beach for the rest of the afternoon. We expected Jett to be a little scared but he was in the ocean the whole time. BabyGirl had a blast digging in the sand, and I was just happy to be hundreds of miles away with my toes in the sand. We went to Hungry Howie's for dinner (Cheap and good food, Idiot employees) then I took Jett swimming in the indoor pool that night. On the was back we caught frogs and lizards.
. We piled up pillows and covers to block the view and had satisfying quickie. Tommorrow was Orlando & Disney World!

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