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sexywhiteboy07 46M
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3/31/2006 7:15 pm
Disney World

It was a little hot for my liking, but otherwise a great day. It is so fun to see your children enjoying themselves and they had a blast that day. Samantha was so romantic, she swore that she was done with uknowhat and she hung all over me, professing her love. She told me she loved me all day, and how we would be together. We made out and caressed each other all day and it actually seemed like things WOULD be different.
At least they were this day. We did all of the major things that one is supposed to do ... Haunted House, Pirates of the Carribean, Jungle Cruise, etc, (Sam did Space Mt., Jett wouldn't) then (at the end) we split up so Jett could do the Stitch attraction. We all did the Indy 500 cars and watched the fireworks, and then it was time to leave.
Everyone was exhausted so the kids fell asleep right away... so did Sam. I was all wound up from a full day of foreplay and I wanted a quickie, but Sam wasn't having it. She was just a total bitch and cussed me out and told me to leave her the fuck alone. I tried to explain that I just wanted a little 10 minute quickie, but she was such a bitch that I just gave up. This hurt my feeling and pissed me off because we had such a great day and all day long she is telling me what she is going to do to me.
I went out to smoke out. Then got in the car and went to get an Icee and some gas. I thought about us, this was indicative of how things are great when it is on her time, but she is incorrigible if she doesn't have her uknowhat. This was supposed to be our time alone, we got a separate suite, and she gives me attitude and crashes on me. It was such a great day, why did she have to be like that? Even if she didn't want to have sex, she should have not been an ass.

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