Bring You Up To Speed ........... My Crazy LifeWife  

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Bring You Up To Speed ........... My Crazy LifeWife

If you have followed my blog you know that this is a previous blog I transferred over to AdultFriendFinder. I was posting double and triple until I was up to same date in 2005.
I was inspired to write this after the controversy ovey James Frey's "a Million Little Pieces", I thought, I have a crazy story and I don't even have to make any of it up. See post A Million Little Pieces
It is best if read chronologically, starting around Radio Edit or post
The beginning.....
I am now going to go back to multiposting and bring my blog up to 2006.
As I said before, this blog is therapy for me, and previously and on AdultFriendFinder, the readers have been my support group. I encourage all comment and any advise that anyone can give me. I feel lucky and blessed to make it out of what I went through, though sometimes I feel slightly damanged.
We have been trying for a threesome for years now, see post My First Threesome ............................ Almost!!!!! ................ True Story and we finally suceeded Our First REAL Threesome ......... Finally!!!!!!
or you can read about our more perverted experiences She had me slip the thin vibe in my ass while she was masturbating
or 69ing and Fucking Each Others AssHoles with Vibrators!!!
or my take on synthetic tantra 3 Hours of Hallucinating, Role Playing Sex

Anyway, it had all been pretty fun up til now. Things were really spinning out of control. Now I couldn't say no. Samantha was dropping out of the family even more. I felt it was all about to end, so we partied even more.
The worse part I would later find out would be the lies. She was stealing money out of our account, going places and lying about her usage.
I didn't know any of this at the time, I was just partying and having killer sex!

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