Desire's Call  

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7/9/2005 6:21 pm

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Desire's Call

I walked by your house last night. Wasn't planned. The night was unusually warm and no cool air coming from the rusted vents. The place was stuffy. So in my restlessness I found myself strolling up the blvd. And there she sat. Merci. Your prized hog. Her newly polished chrome gleaned from the light of the night. She was happy to breathe.

Merci parked in the drive, alone and without cover was unusual. She's always covered except of course when you're riding her, or wetting her down and shining her dry. No, it's not like you leave her in such a vulnerable state.

But your truck was missing. So I knew that where ever you were you would be coming back soon. You wouldn't leave Merci alone for long.

I felt like a stalker just standing near your house. Was I waiting for you to return? I suppose part of me was hoping you would drive up, see me and rush from the seat of your Chevy to embrace me. Tell me you love me. And apologize for the cruel words you spoke to me. That would make me so happy. I've missed you since our break up. Or should I say since I broke up with you. I hate that we are a part. I miss everything about you. But I just could not consent to what you wanted from me. If I had known you would one day ask me to participate in your perverse desire I would never have dated you. Or would I? You are quite charming.

OMG, here you come. What should I do, what should I do?

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