Desire's Call 3  

sexythang469 57F
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7/23/2005 4:40 pm

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Desire's Call 3

Sitting in the now exposed, dimly lighted room was a chair. Or more like a big and bulky chaise lounge. Wrapped in red leather. It was facing my direction so I couldn't tell what was protruding from the foot end.

Hanging on the wall, behind the chair, were straps. Some with metal, some without. A few harnesses with what looked to be dildos strapped inside. Now I am beginning to wonder if that is what's connected to the chair. How did you do that? I can't imagine one can buy a ready-made chaise lounge, complete with penis. I don't know a whole lot about this world I'm peeping into. I remained "safely vanilla" as you called it. And you hated that. I did consent to giving you head the way you liked it. Sometimes you would force it so hard and deep it made me gag. You wanted me to be where she is tonight. My mind is getting an eye full and there is more to come. I just hope I don't get sick.

As I surveyed the room and all its decorations, you two were busy getting undressed and worked up. Is that a collar around your neck? You are wearing the same sort of thing on your wrists. Wait, I have to change positions so I can see better. Oops. Shhh. I hope you didn't hear that. I dropped to the ground when my elbow hit the window. I'll wait a few minutes before I regain my view. I can hear voices but can't make out what you are saying. There's that
laugh. How fitting.

Slowly I ease back up to peer through the opened window. It has become necessary that I see what it is that you had in mind for me. I never knew you were this kind of person. Not to this extreme. You asked me to wear a strap on and ass fuck you but I could never do such a thing. I see that you are into much, much more. And right now your hand is inside her. She's no longer wearing the mini. At some point that has been removed, replaced with a harness. You are stroking the attached dildo while you kiss her with open mouth. I know that kiss. Tongue searching passionately; hungrily. Your hands move to cup each of her bare cheeks and you squeeze them. She moans. Steadily she pushes your head down until you are finally resting on your knees. Facing the dildo. She pulls your hands away and now while on all fours you open your mouth to receive it. She guides it into your mouth and I cannot believe what I'm seeing but you are sucking it as if it is a real cock! She has her hands on your head and is forcing you to take it all. It must be down your throat! Thrusting her hips up to you just like you would do me when I sucked your cock. Only you are not as big as what you are sucking on. Both of you are really into this and my panties are wet.

ShavenStud05 43M

7/29/2005 2:31 pm

I'm eager to hear what happens next...

sexythang469 57F

7/30/2005 8:07 am

Hello My Friend
Thanks for the comment. I too am eagerly waiting to see what happens next, lol. They reveal what they want in their own time. Such teasers! But more will come soon.

rm_203940 41M
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1/24/2006 8:30 am

well like how u describe every thing that u see happening in the room with the couple. & yeah it is arousing the way u told it very good. wondering what next ok check back later with ya.

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