rafboy1 and sexytart80 meeting  

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7/5/2006 4:38 pm
rafboy1 and sexytart80 meeting

tody was my birthday and i got a messagefrom rafboy to meet me,i was unsure but on talking to him and rob also speaking to him we aranged to meet for lunch.we met at a lovely resturant with a country hotel and sat on the terrace.we were very nervous,but could see everyone ariving in the carpark and thought that we could run for it if we bottled out.a car pulled into the carpark,a cabriolet sports car and raf boy got out.my husband loved his car so that was a good start.we sat an drank some wine and talked and decided to have lunch.i was filled with excitement and as we spoke i was getting hotter and hornier.we had been there for about 2 hours and we were talking about sex and what we wanted and what he wanted to do to me/us.as we were talking he said he was going to slide his hand onto my lap and iwas to open my legs.i looked at my husband and he nodded,i said yes ok do it.he slid a finger into my wet string and rubbed my sex very gently.i was soaking and shaking with the excitement.he moved his hand and still sitting at the table said take them off and give them to me now.again i looked at my husband and he said yes yes ok.ieased out of the chair and carefully removed my string,giving it to him under a napkin.he lifted it up and looked at it and put it back on the table in clear view,i went to move it and he said leave it.the string was white and lacy and so was the tablecloth so it didnt stand out too much.there were only about 10 people in the dining room and we were in a corner by the window.the man came to clear the table and rafboy said put it on my room bill please.
we got up and went to a lounge to have coffee,and my husband said he had to go to the toilet.i could see he was hard through his trousers,and i knew what he was going to do.rafboy sat with me and then went to the toilet also,coming back quickly.we were sat ther alone and he said to me to feel him.i slid my hand onto him and he was very big and hard.we finishd our coffee and he took my hand and led me up some stairs to a bedroom,we went in.the bedroom was luxuary with a large bed and nice antique furniture.at the end of the bed my husband was sat in an arm chair,with a blindfold on.we went to th bed and he removed my dress and told me to lay on the be legs open and play with my sex.i was totaly in his power as i was so horny andturned on.after some time and after i had cum with him watching me he started to gently lick and suck me.his big hard throbing cock looked so good i leaned over and put it in my mouth and sucked it.he then got between my legs and fucked me in the missionary position for ages,i came at least 3 times.he was wearing a condom and he said d you want to feel my cum.yes yes i was begging and told him to put his cum into me.slidinh it back deep into me he waited untill i was about to cum and then let rip pumping it deep into me.we laid together with him rolling off and i thought that was the end of it..NO WAY HE WAS STILL HARD.get up and stand on the arms of the chair and put your cunt into your mans face he said.he helped me up and istood with my sex in his face,lick her he said now.my husband was licking and sucking me and grabbing my ass,push the cum out for him to lick he said.i pushed and in no time my husband was covered with raf boys and my juices.suck his cock he said .i got down and licked the end he was hard and had cum all over the end of his cock.rafboy got behind me and i felt him in my bum,slowly sliding into me.i have never been fucked there but i was wanting it now.he fucked my bum and pulled me back away from my husbands cock and onto him.i was impailed fully on his cock up my bum.he fucked me like that for ever and i just kept cumming.looking at the bedside clock we had been there for 3 hours and i was a mess.he did things to me that i had newer even heard of or thought about and i loved it all.he got up leaving me on the bed and went over to the video camera that was in the corner and then went to the bathroom.
he told me to lie there and not to move telling my husband to count to 100 and then take of the blindfold.i heard the door go and my husband took of his blindfold.on the floor by the dorr was a big bunch of flowers and a bottle of champagne.the card said thanks ,bill paid ,ring me and a tape from one of the video cameras.my husband dived on me and as he entered me shot his cum into me imediatled.we got dressed and left in the car i rang raf boy and thanked him and told him i will see him soon.this was the horniest and most exciting time i have ever had and with a lovely man,but a wolf in sheeps clothing in the bedroom.i am now sore and red and my husband wont leave me alone .he has licked and sucked me three times and says he loves the taste.my sister came over tonight and i told her and showed her the video.she thinks i am a whore and a slut,but she was very excited when she saw te video and i may be able to educate her into this great sex lifestyle.
only hope i see rafboy soon.

bitheseaside 46M

7/18/2006 3:25 pm

Wow! What a fantastic story. Would love to help repeat but with new experiences.... take care.

crystalstone2 61M

3/12/2007 8:58 am

what a lucky man indeed!

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