The love of a woman  

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The love of a woman

What's your best sexual encounter?

This is one of mine:
Several summers ago my ex-girlfriend and were out skinny dipping in a not so private location. When the sun started going down we stopped swimming and lit a small campfire on the river bank. We had plenty of blankets to make soft bedding. We laid together close and naked caressing each other’s breasts and letting our hands go where they dared. Soon we were kissing and sucking each other’s nipples. I climbed on top of her letting our pussies rub against one another. I kissed her letting my tongue slide into her mouth, then to her neck and down to her heaving breasts. Her moans made my pussy wet and I reached down spreading her thighs with my hand dipping my fingers into her juicy throbbing wetness. Then slowly bringing my fingers to my mouth I tasted her for the first time. She was too good to resist. I flicked her clit with my tongue she gasped with delight. I sucked her clit into my mouth she moaned with pleasure. My fingers found her hole and started slowly fucking her while I sucked and licked her swollen clit. She was so wet and her hips started thrusting with pleasure and excitement. Her moans of pleasure came in waves and got louder and her hands grasped onto my hair holding me close. I could tell she was close to coming so I quicken my pace and plunged deeper and harder with my fingers her hips thrust harder in response she gave one last cry of pleasure and then her whole body became ridged under mine, her pussy clenched around my fingers and then she went still except for her heavy breaths. I kissed my way back up her body to her mouth and we shared in a delightful and passionate kiss. Then I let her sleep as I stroked her hair. The next night at her place she returned the favor.

Do men really get turned on by watching two women? Is it just watching or do they fantasize about being with them?

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