Lesbian dreaming  

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9/20/2005 8:23 pm

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Lesbian dreaming

I had a wonderful dream last night.
I was with a beautiful redhead. She had long silky hair. A sexy hourglass figure and the voice of an angel.
She was making eyes at me from across the bar. I made my move, I walk up to her and without a word I slid my hand around the back of her neck and kissed her sweet full lips. I pulled back and asked "Wanta dance?" she smiled "Love too"
I led to the dance floor her hand in mine...the crowd parted as we reached the floor. There were men surrounding us. Watching us as dance provocatively on the floor. We were kissing and rubbing each others bodies threw our clothes.
I led her over to a table close by...she hopped up. I pulled her shirt off revealing her heaving breasts. I leaned in and kissed her erect nipples. Then I went down to my knees hiking up her skirt..spreading her legs I wrapped my hands around her grabbing her ass. Then with my tongue I licked her sweet juices. Her head went back in a cry of pleasure. I sucked on her clit and her hips started to move with desire.
She reached down and pulled my top up over my head. Grabbing my breast she pulled me up to her. Standing there in front of her she striped off my mini. Her fingers found my wet pussy and my knees almost buckled under me. I laid her back and climb on top of her. We were kissing and my hand was between her legs making her hips move to the beat of the music.
I turned my body so we could pleasure each other. Lowering my head between her legs I began to suck her clit and finger her pussy.
I felt her hot tongue on my hole. My pussy was dripping wet. My hips started to rock and move to the waves of pleasure.
I was getting close to coming....I opened my eyes and I was in my dark bedroom alone. My fingers were deep inside my wet pussy and I was awake. I closed my eyes tight remembering the taste of her on my lips...I reached over into my night stand and pulled out my dildo...I slipped the big cock into my throbbing wet pussy. It felt so good to have it filling me. My hips thrust harder and feverishly as I got closer and closer to coming. My screams of pleasure erupted into the night. I came hard and vigorously bucking wildly. In the end my sheets were soaked and I was exhausted.

I really need a Lover.
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