Hunger! (a poem by me)  

sexysweetlover25 36F
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10/14/2005 10:08 am

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Hunger! (a poem by me)


A baby cries
She’s hungry
Hungry for life
Hungry for love
Hungry for the warm milk that flows from her
mother’s breast

A young child sits in a classroom
She’s hungry
Hungry for movement
Hungry for praise
Hungry for the knowledge that flows from her
teachers lips

A teenager sits behind the wheel of a mustang
She’s hungry
Hungry for speed
Hungry for acceptance
Hungry for feel of the wind in her hair freedom from the rules that flow around her

A young mother soothes her crying child
She’s hungry
Hungry for sleep
Hungry for peace
Hungry for the sweet abandonment that flowed from
her youth

A middle aged woman sits in her high-rise corner office
She’s hungry
Hungry for air
Hungry for relief
Hungry for the feel of grass beneath her feet an escape from the concrete ocean that flows around her

An old woman sits alone
She’s hungry
Hungry for companionship
Hungry for love
Hungry for the life that flows from her
“I’m still here!” she cries into the still night

Love it / Hate it Please let me know.

rm_bitterSC 65M
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11/13/2005 7:13 am

Hunger is the motivating force behind the theories of Thomas Malthus.

I think your poem is more conceptual than physical...I like it alot.

After reading it, I thought about a song from my younger days by Paul Revere & the Raiders .... HUNGRY. I'm older now and still hungry for something. [/sise]

Any ideas what?

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