Dirty talk2  

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10/8/2005 8:29 pm

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Dirty talk2

I just got off the IM with hottie from Michigan. Beautiful long brown hair...mmm what a woman. So steamy so hot....Happy reading and comments are always welcomed.

u2: r u here.. to play?
sexysweetlover25: yes I am
u2: hi there
u2: I'm T****
sexysweetlover25: I'm cindy
u2: hi Cindy
u2: you'll have to forgive me I am real
neew to this...
u2: and really nervous
sexysweetlover25: oh to women or IM
u2: to woman
u2: only ever kissed one gf and we
slipped our tongues over just once
sexysweetlover25: oh so I take it you liked and
what more?
u2: very much soooo
u2: r u married and alone
sexysweetlover25: yes to both
u2: ooh
u2: I am single and also alone laying on
my bed in a short satin night gown
u2: just out of the shower
sexysweetlover25: mmmmm well you know how
to dress for fun
u2: i hope so... i am very feminine...
u2: love to be a girly girl...
sexysweetlover25: that's good I love girly girls
u2: care to show your self...I am just a
basic member
sexysweetlover25: sure
u2: lead on...
sexysweetlover25: don't want to scare you so here
is my face
u2: u have a sweet look about you
u2: what r u thinking right now...
sexysweetlover25: thank you I am very kind and
sexysweetlover25: how pretty your eyes are
u2: thank you
sexysweetlover25: and how I would like to slowy
undress you and gently kiss you starting at your
lips down your neck
u2: OMg....
u2: where did that cumm from... I love
sexysweetlover25: from your dreams and on to
your computer
u2: wow
sexysweetlover25: mmmm I like that one so sweet
u2: was hoping for that
u2: nice.... pics
sexysweetlover25: I would love to slowy kiss the
tops oh your breast
sexysweetlover25: than work my way inward to
your nips
sexysweetlover25: gently kissing and sucking on
u2: i would love to let you
u2: yes suck on them
u2: run your hands over me
u2: show me more of you
u2: please
u2: oh yea
sexysweetlover25: kiss your inner thighs not
touching your pussy yet making you want my lips
on you
sexysweetlover25: craving my tongue on your clit
u2: kiss me
sexysweetlover25: slowy leting my tongue slid
over yours
u2: god yes
u2: starting to quiver
sexysweetlover25: running my fingers through
your hair
u2: keep telling me...make me cumm....
sexysweetlover25: my hands roaming where they
sexysweetlover25: massaging your breast
u2: every where is yours
u2: please dont stop
sexysweetlover25: diping my fingers into your puss then bringing them back up
to my mouth to taste you
sexysweetlover25: lick you off my fingers
u2: ass too
u2: make it wet
sexysweetlover25: I'll be so easy with you
sexysweetlover25: kissing you all the way down your body
sexysweetlover25: sucking on your utter lips
sexysweetlover25: then speading you with my fingers
sexysweetlover25: licking your clit as I rub your breast with my free hand
u2: oh god yes
sexysweetlover25: then slowy sucking on your clit drawing it into my mouth
sexysweetlover25: twriling it around with my tongue
sexysweetlover25: sliding my fingers into your pussy
u2: ass too
u2: finger both
sexysweetlover25: oh .... oh ok
sexysweetlover25: I'll lick my fingers and slid them in (no nails)
sexysweetlover25: playing with you, licking your sweet juices
sexysweetlover25: then come back up and suck on your sweet nipps
as I finger you. Your hips moving in waves of pleasure
u2: almost there
sexysweetlover25: I dive back down, sucking your swollen clit deep into my mouth, flicking with my tongue as it's in me, making you gasp
with pleasure, your hips riding my fingers deep inside you as they slid in and out, your moans edgeing me on, my own wetness climbing
sexysweetlover25: you playing with my breast as I pleasure you, squeezing them in your waves of desire
u2: pulling yout mips
sexysweetlover25: your hot juices flowing from you, licking them up with my tongue
u2: fuck deeper
u2: cummin agasin
sexysweetlover25: oh yes cum for me my pet
sexysweetlover25: my sweet little thing
sexysweetlover25: fucking you so deep
sexysweetlover25: sucking on your sweet clit
u2: OMG I cam about 5 times thinking
I am going to pass out
sexysweetlover25: now all those wonderful things I said are so true.
The joys of being with a woman skin to skin are 100% better than on the computer
u2: OMG.. I cant wait
u2: I was unable to stop
sexysweetlover25: and a woman eating your pussy ...wow so much better
than any man could ever dream.
u2: I have to go to the bath room
sexysweetlover25: k have fun sweetie, bye kisssss

GlialLocosCafes 44M

10/13/2005 10:35 pm

very sexy...but...a believe i can eat pussy just as good as any woman...and i have a cock to give you when ya beg for it..lol

rm_bitterSC 65M
12 posts
11/13/2005 7:24 am

I shoulda stood in school....

I woulda been like Donald Trump...

I coulda been gay.

Oh well, reality check. I'm here on AdultFriendFinder ror various and sundry reasons.

That's the was the cookie crumbles.

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