Fantasies, Part II  

sexysub1970 46F
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9/7/2006 1:47 pm

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9/9/2006 2:16 pm

Fantasies, Part II

Okay, I've got a little downtime. I don't really have anything sorted out in the wide world of teaching right now, but the last few years have been like that. I'm fortunate my husband has no problem supporting me. We're blessed.

I've just been thinking about some more fantasies. This one could get hot and heavy.

I have a fantasy. More like a role-playing scenario I'm a fan of, I'm into. Let me just say now that, though it's not my only role fantasy I think about or have been a part of, but it's definately one some people think is strange or even perverted. Don't judge me, this is a place I feel comfortable writing about this kind of stuff and if I can't do it here I can't really do it anywhere.

I'm talking about the daddy/daughter fantasy. I don't know that it's a 'major' fantasy - if there's an official list anywhere - but it gets me hotter and hornier than any other I've thought about.

Obviously it has nothing to do with my own family, especially my own father. That's not something I want to think about, I even feel dirty saying it! And yet, the fantasy is about being the dirty little daughter of a lusting father? There's not a lot of logic to it, but it's sex, right? Anything goes.

The situation is that I'm a daughter that's done something wrong. The only way I can redeem myself is to satisfy daddy in any way that he wants. At first, mommy can't know. It's daddy and his little girl's secret.

So, when I get into talking about it with men online, I'll start it. I'll add "Daddy" on the end of a sentence. Most of the time, he'll catch on and call me his little girl. Sometimes they don't pick up on it and it goes nowhere, that's fine. Some men are into it, some aren't, I guess.

Part 2 of the fantasy is that after a while, mommy finds out. And she wants to watch. Then she wants in. Then it's both of them sharing me. Though I've tried the daddy/daughter fantasy in person before, I've never had the chance to do the mommy/daddy part of the fantasy - that would be something I'd want to try with a couple. Maybe I'd dress up something that made me look like a little teenage girl. Then I'd serve my mommy and my daddy. They'd share me and use me and mmmmmmmmmmmm god it would be so hot. I'm actually getting wet thinking about this.

Okay okay, but it's just a Blog! So... I think I got the point across, right? Yeah. You get it. That's a fantasy of mine, a role-playing scenario that I'm into. If you like it, that's great, if you dont... don't even bother telling me that.

Another fantasy I have is the repair man fantasy.

A man comes over to repair/install something and there I am in my bathrobe and nothing else. I slip it open and let him take me. I give my whole body to him. Maybe he calls his partners and they come over and share me. I always had the fantasy that three men would bring over a hot tub to install for me. I'd ask them how to fill it. We'd get the water in and I'd ask if I could test it out? I'd slowly strip in front of them, get them excited. I'd get in the hot water and one by one they'd climb in and take me. In all those bubbles I'd make love to all of them. Two of them would lift me up and slowly drift me toward the jet. They'd put my pussy against it and I'd go wild as the jet of bubbles blew up against my pussy. They'd hold me as I thrashed about as I orgasmed from the intensity and then they'd have me all over again.

Okay. I have to go and take care of something. I think you know exactly what I mean by that. See you all later. I may not have a hot tub, but I do have a jacuzzi

rm_bird197133 45M

9/7/2006 2:31 pm

I have been an electrician for 13 years nnow and the whole repairman fantasy has been mine for a very long time. I have been to a few peoples' homes and been there with just a woman all by herself but was very afraid of doing anything to push the idea. Know what I mean? But that would be soooo hott!!! I would love to go to a woman's house and fix her wiring!!

rm_sexy40islady 57F
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9/7/2006 2:31 pm

I wrote a repairman fantasy last week for my lover in my blog... he loved it. It is a great one... I had a friend that I did the daddy / daughter fantasy with and it was very hot.... Miss it a great deal. *sigh*....

rm_ironhead1956 60M
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9/7/2006 3:56 pm

Yeah, the jets on a hot tub can do a woman good, I speak from experience, but damn I wish I knew how to install one.

Fletch8491 50M

9/8/2006 7:00 am

Some great fantasies there, my dear. I do love the daddy/daughter one myself. I have had occassion to satisfy that fantasy for a couple women. I haven't had the mommy involved at all, but that is a novel concept. Maybe we should talk about that sometime.

rm_xxxready4yu2 51M
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9/9/2006 1:46 am

I have 3 daughters and would nerver go there. That being saig, as I red your fantasy I found myself rock hard!!!! I would love to help with your fantasy.

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