Dicovering my submissive side  

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4/15/2006 3:45 am

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Dicovering my submissive side

I first discovered my submissive side when I was about 16 years old. I had started to uncover my love of all things feminine particularly dressing in female underwear. As I was not confident enough to go and buy female clothing from the shops, I started to wear my sisters clothes when no one was around. This was very addictive and soon I was going out at night looking to steal underwear from washing lines.

Once while comming home late I passed a house in a secluded area of town and noticed that the line was full of sexy underwear. I plucked up the courage to enter the back garden and slowly and carefully approached the washing line to examine all the underwear on the line. At this point I was trembling with fear and my little cock was throbbing with excitement. I noticed a pair of black see through panties and matching bra as well as a pair of black stocking which I carefully removed from the line and stuffed in side my shirt.

Just as I was about to sneak away I saw 2 women entering from the back gate. I froze with fear at the moment they notice me and charged forward. The taller lady grabbed me by the hair and the other blocked my exit. I was marched to the back door the smaller women opened the door with her keys and I was pushed inside. At this point I was terrified about what was going to happen next. The taller women held me tight and pushed me into the living room as the other put on the lights.

The taller women asked me what I was doing in her garden. I just stood there trembling unable to answer. The smaller women lifted my shirt and the clothes fell to the floor. They both looked at me and the taller women said so your stealing my underwear you little pervert.

After sometime, it felt like hours, standing there the taller women said " so I can phone the police or we will punish you ourselves which one will it be". I was terrified of being found out so pleaded with them not to call the police.

I was told to stand there and not to move until they said I could. They both sat down and started to whisper to each other as I stood infront of them with my head hung low and tears streaming from my eyes. Finally the taller women in a very firm voice said "strip". I just stood there trembling with tears in my eyes. She got up from her seat and slapped me accross the face and told me to strip now or she would phone the police. I slowly started to take my shirt off and started stripping. As I pulled down my trousers they noticed I was wearing pink panties, suspenders and stockings. They both laughed and said drop the panties but keep the stockings and suspenders on. They then looked me over laughing all the time they were doing so. They looked at my tiny little shrived cock, both really started to laugh out loud, it was tiny and smooth all over. The taller women grabbed it in her hand and squeezed it hard which made me yelp with pain. This made them laugh even louder.

The taller women told the other women whoes name was Mary to go upstairs and get a belt and a pair of heels. When she came down they put the high heels on my feet and made me walk around the room telling me to wiggle like a girl or I would be punished. Everytime they thought I was not walking properly they would belt my ass hard. After a while they brought a hard stool into the room and made me bend over it, they then took turns to belt my ass as hard as they could, every time they belted my ass they would make me say thank you miss. After what seemed about half an hour they told me to turn over. When I did they noticed my cock had got harder from the beating so they decided to belt my cock as well. They took turns at holding my legs apart while the other one belted my cock. I was now screaming with pain, by the time they had finished my cock was very red and swollen, the pain was intense.

At this point they both sat down on the couch to take a rest while I lay on the floor crying. Finally Mary said to her friend Julie "do you think he likes men or women?". They both laughed and then Julie said "lets find out". Julie told me to crawl over to where they were sitting which I did. Mary pulled up her skirt and I was turned over on my back looking up between her legs. She then lowered herself over me face while Julie grabbed my cock and started to wank me hard. I came almost immediately all over Julie's hand despite my cock being so painful. Once again they both laughed and said he likes women.

Finally I was told to get up and get dressed and pushed out the door.

As I limped home, despite the pain, I was trembling and very aroused I had to find somewhere quite to masterbate before I could go home.

I had discovered my liking for being submissive to dominant women. This has staiyed with me to date.


sexysophie2006 56T
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4/15/2006 6:04 am


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