What is going on in Iraq? Echoes of Vietnam.  

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6/2/2006 8:39 pm
What is going on in Iraq? Echoes of Vietnam.

I believe that it is time now, if it already wasn't for our country as a whole to be looking at Iraq AND most importantly the service members that go over there.

I honorably left the Navy about a month ago. I was in the Persian Gulf before the so called "Major conflict" began and about a month after what President Bush labeled as the end of major conflict in Iraq. That was a seven in a half month tour where I went 79 days without seeing land while deployed to an aircraft carrier. Again on Aug 31 2005 I left for another six and a half month deployment on another aircraft carrier and returned March 11 2006. In five years I spent a total of 18 months at sea, I missed three Christmas's with my family and I tell you this because I don't have a clue what stress is in comparision to what our service members on Land in Iraq and Afghanistan go through. I ate crappy food, had cold showers one day, hot the next and backed up toilets the third and I have no idea what our people are going through.

What else I didn't have... I didn't have to duck my head at a loud noise, watch a friend die, or shoot back at an enemy I can't always see or identify. I didn't have to "hump" a sixty pound back pack or sleep in shifts. I didn't worry about body armor, my gun jamming, or if this car pulling up to me might blow up. I never worried when I walked down the hanger bay that something might blow me up.

In sixty months I spent eighteen of them deployed. Many of OUR service members in other branches mostly Army and Marines spend eighteen months in a thirty six month period deployed...

I think anyone with a tv or a computer (that's you) has seen the news reports of violent reprisals by our service members against Iraqi civilians. One probe in the Ishaqi incident cleared the service members involved. The other incident alleged or otherwise taking place in Haditha has 24 civilians being killed by marines after a road side bomb killed a fellow marine. I will not judge one way or the other until the facts are out, few know as yet what really happened. What I WILL talk about is the importance of what is going on.

When you are a service member, especially in the Middle East you don't have the voice or even rights that the rest of us are used to. A common joke is USMC stands for Unlawful Slavery Made Constitutional. Is this true no. We all make a decision when we choose to enter. But a service members ability to speak up is limited. He or she can't go home or relax when they want. There is a stop loss policy in place to prevent service members that have completed there term from going home until there unit does. This is criminal. People who should be out of the military have died because they had to stay longer than they were supposed to.

I say all this because it's important for everyone to understand the extreme stressful environment that OUR service members are going through. These recent incidents have echoes of Vietnam. There are no excuses if these incidents prove to be true, I want to stress that, I am not defending what happened. I am shedding light on what OUR service members are going through. Some are beginning to snap for lack of a better word, and they need help. Our help. The tour's are too long. Members until recently were being mailed body armor by family members because enough wasn't being issued. There still isn't enough, the military outlawed the practice, saying it wasn't safe?! The tour's are too often, as short as twelve months in Iraq nine months back and over again. This destroys family's, it destroy's people. What we are doing over there is important. But it needs to be done better. I am afraid of more similar incidents if policies don't change.

I love my country and what it stands for. We all have the ability to speak up. Our soldiers can't. WE can for them. If it wasn't time before, it is now!

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