Crazy Funny Memorial Weekend read with Caution  

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6/2/2006 11:42 am
Crazy Funny Memorial Weekend read with Caution

So what happen was... Lets look at the stats: 3 girls, 2 guys, 1 jeep, 12 cases of beer, and one very aweful bottle of Everclear. Mix that with a Friday night NIN concert at the Gorge in George and a weekend camping in Vantage and you have a hell of a good start for some fun!

So Friday, the concert was great NIN put on the best single performance I have ever seen. It was a blast and the mosh pit was live most of the time. I should mention before we get too far that my weekend started Thursday night with one of the girls in my bed while the other one tried to sleep and made smart ass comments. Oops shoulda jumped in. Back to the story, we get back from the concert to find our camp area trashed the cabana to keep us dry is ruined, more on that later. I beer bong a few beers and go to bed with girl Other guy and other girls stay up until about 5 in the morning with other guy drinking on the Everclear. Aparantly its not for human consumption becuase he fell asleep walking and decided to try to suck the chrome off the bumper of a ford ranger. When he got up he thought he probably swallowed the half a tooth now missing from his front teeth. Oops!

Saturday comes with a rush. Worst day weather wise of the weekend so I decide its time to go rocket surgery on the cabana. The wind is blowing like crazy and most the supports are broke. I tie parts to my jeep, a cooler, stake the ground, and tie off most major internal supports with rope and bunji cord. Moral of the story... we now have a dry place for us and everyone around us to commence beer bongage at a cruel and hefty pace. Score one! By now the origional six cases of beer are gone so we go and by three more. Also worth mentioning people from other camp sites are passing around bottles of liquer for the purpose of using said beer bong. I don't complain. I am a no drama person so when girl three's boyfriend shows up starts a fight with whoever and loses then needs to go to the hospital for broken nose (dumbass) I choose the much more appealing idea of going to bed with girl. For the record I didn't leave him hanging out to dry, I don't defend stupidity but I also didn't let it go too far. Drunk people can't be reasoned with.

Sunday the last full day and nicest so far. A little sun bathing and relaxing. Climbed the hills for a good view, took naps and of course found it necessary to buy three more cases of beer. By now we are down to two guys and two girls. Fine by me. The drama has left the town to. Girl number two has no voice by now, the wind is still blowing. I actually have to break down the tents because other peoples tents are having their polls snap from the wind. Sunday night we decide to burn everything. The cabana is shot, one tent is shot, and two chairs are shot plus one good one that was just in a bad place at the wrong time. And the everclear is finally gone. I retire to bed with girl.

Monday clean up day. We came out with people from the now infamous ford ranger that left early. So I now have to strap three coolers and my spare tire to the roof of my jeep to get home. Safe to say I had a lot less tail gaters that day. I am so tired I go home alone skip folklife in Seattle and don't actually see 9 pm before I am out. That was a successful weekend!

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