Confessions of a Sexual Mind...  

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5/24/2006 1:29 pm
Confessions of a Sexual Mind...

So it occurs to me while I sit here waiting to go meet the person that started it all, that everyone must have had a person or event that started it all?! What I am talking about is the event or person that brought you out and in touch with your inner freakiness.

I am fairly sure that most everyone wasn't born with the urge to start a profile on AdultFriendFinder and begin the life that we now currently enjoy. (although I think some of us were closer to this destiny than others) For me I needed a little push. Nothing dramatic and nothing I wouldn't do again in a second, just a little nudge. For me it was my last girlfriend.

What a babe. She brought some values that I keep with me now that are in some cases uncommon. First of all an inate ability to be completely open and at points brutaly honest. Now, nothing mean, just the ability to always tell the truth. Sounds simple, but it really isn't for most people. It requires a high level of self assurance and an understanding of people. We all value honesty highly, seek it out, search for it and then when we get it wish it was blunted or softened. Doesn't work that way. But it did teach me a valuable lesson. Honesty is always better in the long run.

Secondly, she was amazing in bed. Opened up my yearnings to experience everything. We would shop at sex stores, try out new toys and go at it anywhere and everywhere. Got a liking for and to try just about anything. What could be better.

The crazy part we lived together as fuck friends a good year before we ever started dating. I also lived with another girl in a three bedroom house (I wasn't sleeping with the other roommate). The casual open relationship really appealed to me. We both did our own thing and if we were both alone ended up in bed Then we started dating exclusively, lasted another year and broke up about 6 months ago. We still talk and still fuck and its still great. But its now what it should have always been occasional friends with bennies!

So this girl who is more experienced than I was, showed me the ropes and brought me out of my what... not shell or prudiness, just opened up my eyes to things I now really enjoy. Leaving me self confident, open, honest, and willing. Guess I can't complain. And as I get ready to leave, I think when I get up there (we now live about a 100 miles apart so visits are rare) I will thank her for bringing out my inner freakiness and giving me a self confidence that truthfully at times borders on cockiness.

So my question is what's your story?!

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