promises of Promise  

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5/8/2005 10:28 am

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promises of Promise

I mentioned Promise in my last post ... he left a hicky on my breast.

He is wicked. Promise is an amazingly wicked man. Without my even realizing it's happening he has me so worked up everytime we talk I feel need to find someone to help me releive the pressure.

We meet for lunch once a week and this week will be the first time we no longer bring food ... I'd tell you the public place we meet but I don't want an audience when he ravishes my boobs.

The last time our picnic was spread out I could barely concentrate on eating knowing at some point he would push aside the meal articles and lean in to unsnap my shirt and begin his assault. First he would gently cup the whole breast before leaning in to lick and suck the nipple. Sometimes he would gently massage one while attending to the other. Sometimes one would hang out for the world to see while he attended to business on the other, obviously sucking harder at certain times. The extreme contrast of the cold whipped cream (there for the strawberries - honest) followed by the heat of his wanting mouth was almost enough to make me draw attention to us by the sounds I had to stiffle.

I am so awaiting our first time together. He is willing to proceed with safe sex and from all accounts of what he says he plans to do it may be an hour or more after he finishes before I'll have my walking legs back.

Oh the promises for the future fun with Promise.

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