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5/5/2005 3:06 am

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(The following took place between 3 to 4 hours - I didn't watch the clock except to know he arrived early and left just in time for me to get almost 4 hours of sleep before my alarm clock was due to go off.)

So I turned to find myself enveloped in Jasper's arms.

I felt silly standing there in barely anything when I didn't think there was much we could do but he walked me backwards toward my bed and we sat facing eachother.

He would push back the front of the bra cup and tease each nipple a little. I admit to thinking it was fun but could get old quick. Right on subliminal cue he came in for a kiss and lay back pulling me on top of him.

Now I am not am on-top kinda girl, lack the rythmn God gave a rocking chair - legs wrapped around a man and pulling up to meet thrusts is one thing but on top I need a metronome ... having said that I instantly went to wet. It so turns me on to be on top. I pulled away from Jasper's kiss he went about fondling my breasts some more. Finally I reached behind me to the hooks that held me in and released them. As he more actively started grabbing my tits and twisting my nipples in different ways I found myself grinding my "unenterable" self against his zipper.

In a lean forward to get a kiss he placed as much of my breast in his mouth as he could get ... I didn't get that kiss but was not disappointed. Back and forth from left to right and right to left he continued kissing, nibbling, licking, kneading and flicking. He talked of what he had seen on-line for nipple torture devices and what he thought he might like to do to me. We talked of piercings and I enjoyed the position of top side grinder.

I leaned in and kissed Jasper deep and long, trying hard for my prize (love to bite the bottom lip) and unsuccessful I pulled back and slid off toward my pillows ... his turn to be on top.

Jasper sat up and took off his shirt and pants, casually dropping them on the floor next to the bed like he had been there before - it was a very comfortable fit - and lay beside me gently, at first, resuming the breast stimulation he had started.

It wasn't long before he was half sitting up taking an entire breast (40 D) in each of his large hands and squeezing, massaging and finally ouright pulling the whole thing - hard. At first it was pleasureful and then a pain began to arise and to quell that I'd pull him in for a kiss and as I did the pain switched to a rise in my hormone level and I wanted to fuck (monthly enemy or not I wanted him buried deep inside me).

I am normally a very quiet person during sex but I know I was shuttering and making rather loud noises I was convinced the neighbors could hear through the wall.

Jasper asked several times if he was hurting me and each time I said "NO' he took it to a new level. Oh my ... I know my breasts are sensitive and enjoy being played with, I just didn't know how much and how hard they might like it. I do now.

Finally he left my tit with one hand and traveled south. Now I had that hole plugged but the rest was just covered with the satin panty I had been wearing when he arrived.

I don't know how he did it or what he did but I didn't need penetration for the first time in my life! No kidding ... I am a penetration kinda girl - love the filling of being filled up with that full stick but this time his fingers did more than any tongue or dick has ever done for me. Over and over he'd bring me up to climax and over the other side, intermixing it with more groping of my tits and kissing me with those passionate kisses he brought from out west.

I wish I had a video camera that night, as Jasper is now many miles away ... and the soonest I may see him again is July, if not then it won't be until October.

He noticed on his way out that night that he had bruised my right breast ... he didn't comment on the fading hickie Promise had left. The next morning I emailed Jasper about the numerous bruises where his finger tips would have been. And while it hurt when I would touch them or I would bump my chest lifting objects and such, I'd instantly be turned on and wish Jasper was here to do it again.

Jasper ... please cum back.

rm_Artiskind 69M
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5/5/2005 1:57 pm

Jasper is one lucky Guy! A little rough with his bruising ways - but still very artful in his approach. I would have loved to have been there!

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