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sexyrdhednhubby 53M/49F
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5/23/2006 8:05 pm

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11/12/2006 9:19 am

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Mmmm....just listening to it, the rain falling down, the smell of it. Spring is here and brings a new outlook, the days longer, and I can't wait to step into a new bikini!!!

Yesturday it was pouring, and I went to do some shopping, being a Mistress has it's benefits! Credit Card!!! My guy was busy with his family...but I can still spend his money!!!

I couldn't get a space close to the shop where I was going, and I didn't think that I had gotten too wet, but wet enough that my nips were sticking through my blouse and a very handsome sales guy noticed! I do get lonely when my Master is away!

He asked me if I'd like a towel to dry myself off and I told him I would love one! He took me to the back of the shop and handed me a towel, but wouldn't quit watching while I dried myself off. I asked him if he was busy today, he replied "not very". Then I asked him if he minded helping me pick out a new bikini as I handed the towel back to him! He blushed a little, and asked "How would I know what to pick?" I smiled and said I'm sure (looking at the ring on his hand)you would know what you would like to see your wife in! He smiled a very big smile and led me to the bathing suit section.

I chose a few off the rack that he and I agreed too, and he told me that maybe I should try them on, just to make sure. I told him only if he would give me his honest opinion. Well I knew that he would agree!!! The first was a hot little pink number, that tied on my hips, the top just two little triangles that barely covered my nips that were still hard from being out in that rainy weather, but I stepped out with my long tan legs and my breast ready to heave over the top anyways. He smiled. He eyed me up and down, a little small for those, he said directing his eyes at my breast. We both laughed! Yeah just a little! I stepped back in, but I could hear his breathing change from the dressing room.

The next was a leopard print, thong bottoms and halter. I did have a problem though, I couldn't get the back to hook just right, so I peeked my head out and asked if he could help me. He looked at the front of the shop and then nodded his head and came in beside me. His hands shaking as he helped me hook my top. I turned around inside that tiny dressing room, my ass brushing against him as I did. I could tell from his groan that I had hit the spot! My pretty, little bare cheeks had felt that hardon in his slacks and he was embarrassed that it did! How does this one look, I asked, making sure to turn around very slowly in that small room...he cleared his throat and told me I had found the right one!

I stepped toward him and whispered in his ear as my breasts pressed into his chest...are you sure? Yes he replied, and then I asked if he would like to stay and help me take it off. That was all he needed to put his arms around me to help loosen the top, I undid the strap tied around my neck, as I dropped the top down his mouth automatically ravaged my tits! His hands pressing them, lips teasing them as he slid one inside my thong!

I reached my hands down and undid his slacks, he slid his hands to slide the thong off, then he leaned back against the wall as he lifted me onto his hard cock. Fucking me hard and deep, juices dripping, trying to keep quiet!

It only took a few seconds for him to blow his wad, and when we were finished, he had a wet spot on his slacks from the cum that had dripped down on them!

He told me not to worry, he had gotten them there at his shop, and there was another on the rack, so his wife wouldn't know the difference.

But... I wonder how he'll explain the bite mark on his shoulder!

PS...I got the suit for free!
Very Hot!
It made me Rise!
Made me wet!
Just can't get it up!

rm_bigfoot022 70M
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5/31/2006 7:17 am

very sexy story, nice if true. makes me wish i was a clothing salesman

all4fonNfon4all 49M/53F
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6/3/2006 6:18 am

That poor lady,I would have definetly helped her hook the back of her bikini top.I guess I just like to help people in need.

notbarbie4you 50F
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6/19/2006 5:47 pm

Very hot . . . you could contact me/us again, if you were still interested.


notbarbie4you 50F
2 posts
6/19/2006 5:48 pm


Didn't mean to make that sooo big. . . just a little big. Not trying to be rude here



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