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6/15/2006 11:08 am

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Thurs AfterNoon Thoughts

Ever do any of the tests on Tickle.Com ?
I have done it on the American Site and some on the UK Site - They are kind of fun to do. You should check them out sometimes.
You can mail me at this same name at the Y. , if you want the links.
Anyways , still not feeling too good , stomach is better and my period is just about over. Now its my chest that is bothering me due to an sinus infection.
I still would love to find one man to get to know and share all my passion and desire with.
Last night I emailed my ex b/f on the site and told him that I wasnt gonna be the other woman in his life and wished him all the luck he deserved. But I wasnt gonna go back through the pain and hurt he caused me before - I am over him and its gonna stay that way !!!!!!!!!
I knew before when we was together that he couldnt handle a woman like me and know he still cant. He left the site for his now g/f but would never leave it for me - so that should say something there. He said he came back only to find me , he found me and he is still here on the site.
I am waiting for him to upgrade from standard to silver bet its only a few amount of time. Oh well , its over and gonna stay that way.

Gotta Run , Linda

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