Thur Night Thoughts  

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6/22/2006 8:50 pm

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Thur Night Thoughts

A stormy night to be - You cum and get me , take me to your place. I have one of my sexy lingerie outfits on underneath my jeans and top.
On the way there , I lean over , lay on my stomach. I unzip your jeans , pull out your semi
hard cock out, start sucking softly. I hear you moan as you hold my head down as you stop for a red light. You explode deep in my mouth.
"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM BABY , You taste so good." I moan as I cum up and sit beside you. You put your hand between my legs and tell me " move towards the door but first , take off your jeans BABY , I want to finger your hot pussy." I do as you say , scoot towards you closer. Giving you full access to my hot pussy.
You see my lingerie and there is a hole in the crotch. You stick 3 fingers inside my pussy. I buck my hips up as I start cumming by the touch of you. You pull onto a dark road , kill the truck. I hear you growl as you open your door , cum over and open my door. Have me lay on my back , start eating me out.
I feel myself squirt over and over on your tongue. Then I sit up and grab your head to kiss you deep and demanding mixing our juices. You stroke my tits , grabbing my nipples through my top. I pull my top off , you pull my lingerie off my tits. You start sucking my nipples , as you reach down and start fingering me again. I moan as I cum some more.
Then you pull me out , take me to the back of your truck gate. Lean me over , start fucking my hot wet pussy but just before cumming , you pull out your cock slide it into my hot tight ass. I moan as you pump my ass slow and deep. Savoring the feel. Then you pump hard and fast til you explode deep in my ass.
We then get back in your truck , go to your place for some more fun.


1hardhotrod4u 47M
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6/22/2006 9:22 pm

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm babe you sound horny tonight..........luv the pic by the way
XXXX rod

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