Something a little better to read from me :  

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7/16/2006 12:48 pm

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Something a little better to read from me :

A Touch
A Kiss
A Lick
A Suck
Holding onto one another as your bodies become one.

You enter her gently at first. Pumping ever so slowly driving her to Ecstasy. She wraps her legs around your hips driving you into her deeper and harder.
She moans as she explodes a couple of times before you go faster but you stop just before exploding along with her. You want to savor the feel of her hot spot swallowing your hard throbbing cock that is aching to explode deep inside of her.

You roll off her , pulling her onto your throbbing cock. She leans back taking it all in , you reach down and play with her clit. Sliding a couple of fingers into her along with your cock. She moans your name as you take her over the edge. Her body shakes as she has the biggest orgasm ever.

Then you have her lay on some pillows under her stomach. You work your fist inside her hot wet pussy , the pussy that is aching to be filled. As she screams with Ecstasy you work your cock into her tight hot ass. Oh you moan cuz it's so tight. You go insane as your fisting her hot wet pussy and fucking her tight hot ass at the same time..

She squirts all over your fist as you explode deep in her ass. When she thinks your done with her and she tries to move. You lay on your back and go under her hot wet pussy. Lick , suck her juices all out that can. She slides down your body when your done. The feel of her hot wet pussy going down your chest drives your cock hard again.

She slides her hot wet pussy back onto your hard again cock. She kisses you deep and demanding as your hands rub and smack the ass you just fucked and exploded your hot load into. She moans your name as you are biting and sucking her neck. You leave your mark on her for all to see.
She explodes a couple of more times. You roll her over and slam your cock back into her hot wet pussy. This time pumping hard and deep , raising her legs over your shoulders a couple of times to give it to her hard. "MMMMMMMMMMM" she moans , "baby it feel so good". She begs you "BABY PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR JUICES ONCE MORE". That sends you over the edge and you explode a big load.

You two lay there enjoying the feeling of the love making you just had with a small mixture of kinkiness mixed in.

rm_boerman2 65M
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7/16/2006 9:11 pm

we need to get together.

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