Some Sunday Thoughts  

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6/4/2006 12:22 pm

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Some Sunday Thoughts

I kind of slept late today , after a night of tossing and tunring , couldnt sleep. Was too lonely. And have a lot going on right in my life - wished I had a good man who wouldnt mind me crying on his shoulders a while without any words or reasons why.
Right now , I am gonna play my game on while inbetween writing my thoughts. Ok, the game wont load so I have to restart my comp.
But will finish my thoughts first. "This is my dream from last night"

I gave into lust one night - I shouldnt have but did. He is a nice guy but not really my type or body type. I love a man with a big chest , like a football player's. And he was a light smoker and kissing him was like kissing an ashtray - even though I know he used mouthwash , it made me feel sick afterwards so , I stopped kissing and letting him kiss me.
OH he did everything right , made me cum sooooo hard and so many times , I squirted dry.
Did he cum in me , NO - he said cuz he loved the feel of me and wanted to make it last. I think he took something to keep his self hard for a while. I got an call and had to leave."

Then I woke up.
"Good Luck and All My Best to All , Linda"

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