Some Sexual Thoughts  

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5/24/2006 12:44 pm

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Some Sexual Thoughts


A long deep passionate kiss as we undress each other. Then touching each others bodies , making love to each other with just our hands.
Then on to the bed , you lay me down, kissing me softly on my neck, then passionate bites - Oh baby , you know how to make me beg you to please take me and make me all yours.
I beg you to please let me kiss your body but you hold me off , til you have you fill of me and my juices. You kiss softly with little bites down to my hard nipples waiting for your touch, your kisses and tongue. My breath stops the instant your mouth covers one of my hard nipples.
You suck , nibble and take it all into your hot mouth as my hands run through your hair. I moan as I feel one of your hands going down to my hot spot. MMMMMMMM you play with my clit , I cum in an instant as you just barely touch me.
You move over to the other nipple not moving your hand from my hot spot. Me moving my hips closer to your hand to make you go deeper. I moan , feeling myself exploding.
You kiss down to my hot spot , teasing at first. I moan and move my hips closer to your face as I can get it. You push them down , growling for me to wait or else. You spread my lips open and slowly put your tongue in as deep as you can then pull it right out as you hear me moan. BABY PLEASE.
You finally give me the pleasure that I cry for with your tongue over and over til you got your fill of my juices then cum up and share them with me. MMMMMMMMMM THANK YOU BABY.
I growl , "now its your turn". I push you onto your back. Kiss you in a teasing way as I move my hot spot over your hard cock but only letting it touch my clit. You growl more at me , grab my hips shove me down onto you , raising your hips fucking me hard each time you cum up.
But I beg you to please let me get you off in my mouth , I am craving the taste of you sooooooooo bad. You stop just in time. I move down as I lick your body. You tense up as my mouth touches the head of your cock. I take my time , I lick front and back , up and down.
You run your hands through my hair and moan for me to please give you the relief you want and crave. I look up at you and smile as my mouth takes all it can of your hard cock. You grab my head and start fucking my mouth. I play with your balls as you fuck my mouth. You explode deep in the back of my throat. As I swallow the last drop , you bring me up and look me deep in my eyes.
Then you lay me on you , sharing the joy of being together. The peace and quite of no words being spoken or needed.

tugger10 58M
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5/24/2006 3:37 pm


tugger10 58M
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5/24/2006 6:38 pm

i think you need a good licking with you commanding how its done pick me pick me miss lou

sexymom20069 48F

5/24/2006 7:48 pm

OH TUGGER BABY , you dont give up do ya ?
I am about to email ya.
Nigthy , Night

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