Morning THOUGHTS - to answer a post from another  

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5/18/2006 9:00 am

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Morning THOUGHTS - to answer a post from another

Well , I dont get myself off thinking about what I write. I ususally have someone call me for some hot phone sex
And it kind of turns me on knowing that guys are getting off to what I post and my pics. BUT , I would stop it all if A GOOD MAN cums along and wants me all to hisself - I have done it before but when the man tells me his is worried that he cant be all what I want then I go back to posting my stories, thoughts and pics.
As for fisting my hot wet pussy with big hands , well the first guy to ever do it to me was on Sept 1, 2004. He had big hands and he used baby oil - It hurts a little but then again I like a little pain. Anal same way it hurts a little but I love it. But , I wont let a man fist my ass , I am not into that much pain. The most fingers a man ever fingered my ass with was 4 and he used baby oil and had his fingers a certain way - THAT FELT GOOD.

In the end , I DO WISH I HAD SOMEONE WITH ME EVERYNIGHT. But, I dont sleep with everyone that wants to just fuck me and leave and never to hear from then again.
I dont think of myself as a sexy woman as some guys tell me , I think of myself as OK. Cuz IF I was as sexy as they say then

Good Luck and ALL MY BEST , Linda

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