More what I am looking for and a little more about me  

sexymom20069 48F
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6/14/2006 10:46 pm
More what I am looking for and a little more about me

I want a man who can and will be true to me as I will be true to him - I dont care to know who you have been with as long as your clean. And if your married , I dont care to know about your wife - I am so sorry if she doesnt give you what you want and need. I can give you what your looking for as long as you promise not to be looking for anyone else as long as we are talking and if we meet in person.
I love to touch , kiss , hug and cuddle. I love sex and love it all. I want passion and desire and feel fuck buddies dont have that - they dont care for each other - only out to fuck and leave.
And if your in a relationship and looking for extra sex - I am not the one for you - I want more/less "friends with Benefits - me being your only one with the benefits. If your gonna have more then me , I dont want or need that - I can be a jealous woman and will end it if I find out. Trust me , I know how to please a man.
I have a couple of ex fuck buddies wanting to hook back up with me and I havent yet but on messenger - I give them what they want and crave with me on cam and when they call me for phone sex - YEP , been told a time or two that I needed to charge since I know how to talk the talk

I am a very upfront person and know what I want and not afraid to go for or ask for it. If you havent yet , check out my profile.
I love to take nude pics and have a few friends that I email them too - and I love to TEASE thats why I am back on this site - So, enjoy my Stories and remember - THEY ARE ONLY STORIES , NONE ARE TRUE YET


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