Just a few mixed up thoughts - LMAO  

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6/12/2006 3:30 pm

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Just a few mixed up thoughts - LMAO

Sorry just not in my right mind today maybe tomorrow will be better for me ? I will make it , I always do.
A man to cum over to see me , just to hug and kiss me. Take me for a long drive to get a drink ( dont really drink anything but coke a cola )
Then to the lake to sit and watch the sun go down , a kiss to start with then a nibble on my neck , lay me down on the soft grass. Working his way to my nipples that are already hard and aching for his tongue. " MMMMMMMMMM BABY PLEASE BITE THEM."
Then work his way down to spread my legs as he raises up my skirt , a lite bite , nibble on my clit. MMMMMMMM work a couple of fingers inside my wet spot. Making me cum over and over to his touch. Then after he drinks my juices up , cum up to kiss me , sharing my juices with me.
He lays on his back , I unzip his jeans , take out his cock and start sucking soft the hard as he can take it , without a word , I am begging and hoping me while cum in my mouth. he senses it and does. "OH BABY , you taste so good !" I say. We get straightened up and go back on our way.

"I am in a little better of a mood , my days will cum and go without me knowing what to expect.
"Good Luck and All my Best to All , Linda"

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