In My MIND :  

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6/10/2006 10:15 pm
In My MIND :

I am in a daze , in a fog. The man I once thought was the one for me but left me for another, has came for me in my dreams :
I am in a strange place. I get in a car and go to his place. I get out of the car , walk to his apartment , hesitate to knock on the door. I do , he says " come in , come in " , I finally walk in. I go to him , tell him to stand up , give me a hug. He sits and tells me to bend down to hug him, I let him do the touching. I am too scared to touch him , afraid to touch him too much cuz thats the reason he said he left me in the first place cuz I was too touchy too clingy.
I stand behind him , he tells me to sit , I say no , I want to stand , he says well stand in front of me so I can see you. I laugh and say why , my face is too ugly. He says nothing, I stand in front of him , then sit as we talk.
I asked if he liked the low cut shirt I was wearing , he says yeah its nice. I say something about being really lowcut , he says yeah if you bend over , your tits will cum out. I say , naw.
Then stand you and touch my knees to show they wont , he says close enough. I am drinking gatorade , he asks if its cold and I say yes , just bought it. He says let me see and I hand it too him , he laughs and say pour it all over you.
I laugh back and say I already poured pineapple juice on my tits and douched with it - he says really ? I say yep - want to taste my nipples. Go up too him and let him pull my top down to taste, he says yes they taste like pineapples.
Then he grabs my head , kisses me deep and demanding a couple of times and ask me if thats what I missed and needed , I say maybe. He kisses me harder and deeper , I suck his tongue hard like I would if it was his cock. I beg him to tell me , he says "YES , I WANT YOU"
I take off his muscle shirt , kiss and suck his small nipples and chest. He pulls my top off sucks and bites my nipples and stomach.
Grabs my neck, still kissing me, we walk and he reaches behind me to lock the door. Pens me to the wall, he bites my neck , shoulders and I beg him to mark me , make me his , he says maybe later.
Up against the wall , I unzip his jeans , touch his cock. He unzips mine , grabs my hot spot.
We both step out of our jean and underwear. Still kissing , we go to his bed. I am on my period and he wont fuck me while on it. But I beg him to please finger and fist my hot spot . He says hell get messy and I tell him I DONT CARE PLEASE BABY.
Oh he fingers with 2 then 4 fingers and I am moaning and then he fingers my pee hole , I almost scream but then he gets me to squirt a few times . He has me nice and soaked , then he fingers my tight asshole , with 2 then 3 then 4 fingers OMG , hurts some but feels so good.
He pulls them out , cums up to bite my nipples then to kiss me. He fingers me again and guess what he does , ( he has big hands size 12 ring size) He FISTS MY TIGHT PUSSY, I moan, scream its been a long time. Hurts BUT FEELS SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD , I am moving up and he doesnt stop , he follows my every move , keeping his fist inside out me , pulling out to watch me squirt.
He moves up to where he can kiss me and I can touch his cock . He warns me , if you suck my cock , I will cum in your mouth. I look up at him. He asks me "where do you want me to cum baby , in your mouth or ass ? " I say mouth , I love your taste.
He grabs my toy , sticks it into my ass as he starts to fist my pussy again as I am sucking his cock. He was right , didnt take long but , I didnt let go of his cock til I was sure I had all of his cum in my mouth and yes , I swallowed it all.
Then we shower and I wake up.
"Good Luck and All My Best to All , Linda"

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