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6/1/2006 9:46 pm

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Wondering what else I can think of ??

We are sitting , watching a movie - I get up and go into the bathroom , call you in there. I have some candles lite and a bath waiting for you with some rose petals floating around.
I am wearing my red teddy, I cum to you and start undressing you. You start to speak and I cum up and kiss you deep , demanding. After I undress you , I get on my knees , start licking your cock slowly then take all I can in. I suck soft then hard as you can take it as I jack you off with one hand as my other one is fingering you ass with my pinky. You explode deep in my mouth.
We get in water. I stand in front of you as your sitting. You start fingering my hot spot with 2 then 4 fingers making me cum a few times before you start working your fist deep inside my pussy. I moan with pleasure. I squirt a couple of times before you stop , pulling me closer to your face and you start eating me out. OMG , I start feeling so weak.
You stop pull me into the water , kiss me sharing my juices with me. Then I slide on to your hard cock. I ride you in water. But you dont cum in me just yet , you tell me to get up.
You bend me over and start fucking my hot spot doggie style. OH BABY. We explode together.
Then we get out and dry off. Go to your bed as we are laying , I have to go pee and you follow me to the bathroom. You sit on the toilet, I straddle your cock and start peeing on your cock. Then you pull me onto your cock , I ride you as your bucking up your hips.
MMMMMMMMMMMmm , I cum several times within mins.
Then we get up and clean each other off. Go back to bed and fall asleep in each others arms.
"Good Luck and All my Best to All , Linda"

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6/1/2006 10:29 pm

would love to taste you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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