Do you wonder ?  

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5/23/2006 8:19 pm

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Do you wonder ?

If I am really real ?
Can I really be a woman who is willing to please more then receive ?
Can I be a woman who really loves to give head,love to have her ass fucked hard and deep ?
Love to have a man fist her hot tight pussy ?
Be a woman who is willing to do what-ever it takes to please her man. Be there when he needs me , and when he just wants to spend time where there is no talking , just being in the same room together. Give him little gifts "JUST BECAUSE" to let him know that he is on my mind when we are apart ?
Yes , I am real but I need and want a man who can handle me sexually and emotionally - ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH ????????

So, as I get ready for bed cuz I have a few things to do tomorrow and take my mom to her doctor's appointment. I think about finding a man who is real also , who will keep his word about wanting just to be with me . One who is willing to work at a relationship , who can handle an emotional one as well as a sexual one. One where there is a lot of touching and feeling sometimes. One to curl up behind me and fall asleep after a wonderful night of love making OR just being in good company together.
Good Luck and All my Best to All , Linda

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