Cant Sleep Sooooooooooooooo -  

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6/24/2006 11:46 pm

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Cant Sleep Sooooooooooooooo -

I will write this story - Enjoy

Its 1 am and I am siting on the comp playing a game on You IM me , I didn't expect to hear from you so late. I kind of smile when you ask me to get on cam for you. I ask playfully " Can I invite others to see me too baby ? " - You reply "Only if you want me to smack that hot ass of yours !!!".
I laugh as I turn on my cam and start undressing for you. You tell me " I am gonna call you , you sexy thing you " , I say " sure , let me go get the phone out of the front-room and lock my door."
I cum back and tell you " OK, call now my stud muffin ". I lay back on my bed and when I answer you ask me " What are you doing ? , I want you to get dressed and wait for me to pull up here in about 20 mins."
I say "HMMMMMMM , ok , If your sure I wont make you late for work in the morning." You say " I took the day off , I want to spend the night with you beside me and loving me.".
I turn off my cam and put on my sexiest lingerie and talk to you on the phone as you drive here. You tell me that your pulling in and I grab my shirt dress , put it on over my lingerie. Run out to meet you.
You just park when I walk out of the breeze way. You open your door but I am there stopping you from getting out. I climb on top of you to straddle you. You growl as I kiss you and get off. My ass is up in the air as I get on all fours facing the passenger side door . Oh baby , you smack me so hard , I jump forward and hit my head on the window.
I let out a cry , then you raise my dress and start licking and kissing my red ass. After I calm down , I turn around and look you in the eyes and say " Just wait til you least expect it baby , I am gonna bite your hot ass and leave my mark on you !!!!! ". Then I kiss you deep and demanding , like the way you kiss me that makes me melt.
On the way to your place , i lay my head in your lap , cuz I am a little sleepy. Your free hand finds its way to my tits. You rub them as I moan. I ask you " Will you fuck my tits tonight baby ? You know I love the way you do! " You simply reply with a growl.
We finally get to your place. I ask " Hey baby , have any ice cream or Popsicles ? ". You say " I should why ? ". I don't answer as I stand there and motion for you to cum here to me.
You turn on some music and I start dancing for you. I push you on the couch and bare one of my tits, you take the nipple in your mouth and bite really hard. I shake my head and pull it out and stand up. You start to grab me and I say " NO BABY ! Sit back and enjoy PLEASE ! " .
You growl and do as I ask. It doesn't take long for you to take off you shorts. I straddle you once more , you move the material of my teddy out of the way and let your hard cock slide deep into my hot pussy.
I moan as it doesn't take me long to cum all over your cock and balls. Then I get off to suck my juices off you. You stop me , stand up and take off my teddy. Push me to the couch and straddle my chest . You start fucking my tits and cum all over them , my chest and some on my face.
And with that giving us the relief we both needed - you grab me up and take me to your bed - we both fall asleep with your arms wrapped around me tight.


FunBuddy55 60M
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6/27/2006 11:48 am

Hi baby, you sound so erotic and hot and nasty, but real. Let's go for a ride on the Harley and then get wild all over each other!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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