Another Lonely Night  

sexymom20069 48F
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5/4/2006 8:06 pm
Another Lonely Night

I chose this for myself cuz I honestly dont think that I am ready to be with anyone after being hurt by a few guys recently. INFACT , I screwed myself with one guy after we met , I saw him on here talking and he wouldnt answer my calls or my im's - so I assumed that I didnt please him after-all. It wasnt jealously like he thought it was - it was insecurity. I know there is better womem here on the site - better then me and I accept it. I even told him that before I gave in and agreed to meet him.
I can be jealous by why be when I dont think that I am all that ? Why think a HOT man like him would really want to be seen with me in public ? I am ok too look at and can dress sexy & nice cuz there is more to me then sex.
Anyways , wished I wouldnt feel this way but I do. And I dont think that I will ever change unless a true man comes along and leaves this site for me and asks me to do the same.
I do know what I want and think I know how to please a man or atleast I used to know I did.
Good Luck to all , Linda

BTW : NOT looking for : Smokers ( due to health reasons ) , Married Men or Attached Men , Or anyone who has a friend with benefits or a fuck buddy - want a man who is single and free to see me when we both want to see each other. Make me feel wanted and special

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