AM I DREAMING ????????????  

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6/3/2006 12:05 pm

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AM I DREAMING ????????????

I am standing outside in the parking lot of the Apts that I live in for now. A truck pulls up , A HANDSOME , Sexy Man gets out. He cums to me and without words , he pulls me into a deep embrace. He kisses me softly then deep and demanding. I melt into his arms. No words are spoken as he takes my hands and opens the door for me , as I get in , he rubs my ass cheeks.
I moan softly but he hears it. My breath quickens as he stands besides me , caressing my hard nipples through my top. He lowers his head to kiss them also. I raise my chest up , moaning and begging him to raise my top to touch my hard nipples skin on skin. MMMMMMMMM please.
Still no words are spoken , as he stops and goes to get in. I kind os sigh but something tells me that I will get all what I need soon enough. I thought we would be going to a Hotel BUT instead we are driving for what seems to be hours before he stops. Still No Words.
He pulls up to a Cabin in the woods where there is a small lake beside it , a swimming pool also. HMMMMMMMM , I say nothing as he cums and opens the door for me. Kisses my lips then small kisses to my neck. I moan softly. He growls a little growl as I take my hands and rub his hard cock through his jeans.
He walks in front of me , opens the door and pulls me into a deep and demanding kiss. This time , his hands undress me as kisses me. I whisper please enter me baby , making us to become one. He says "in due time baby".
We walk to the couch , he lites some candles , goes into the Kitchen. Brings a tray of assorted fruits and some whip cream. He stands there looking into my eyes. I get up and I start undressing him starting with he t-shirt , I plant little kisses on his hard chest. Hearing him breath deeply , a soft growl escapes his lips. I get on my knees to undo his jeans, as his hard cock is standing at attention , I kiss and lick it then taking it as deep in my mouth and start sucking hard as he can take it.
He stops me , by pulling away. He pulls me up and kisses me as he lays me onto the couch. Takes a strawberry dips it into the whip cream , feeds me a bite , then takes the rest and rubs it on my nipples . Then sucks and licks my nipples off - then cumming back up to kiss me more.

"Now , this is where I Wake Up - Please tell me am I dreaming ???????????"
Good Luck and All my Best to All , Linda
Have a Good Weekend

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6/3/2006 1:19 pm

The primary appeal of the restaurant we chose that afternoon was the fact that is was almost empty. It was a dive, no doubt. No two tables matched, the chairs rocked, the menus were held together by Scotch tape. But it was cool, they had iced tea and we were in neither the position nor the mood to be picky. We sat down, ordered our tea and pie and settled down for a quick snack before we hit the road again. Of a sudden you sat up, hit me on the arm and motioned like a traffic cop for me to turn around and look, all the while whispering/screaming at me “Don’t look, don’t look!” In your eyes I could almost see the reflection of the source of your excitement but when I did, very surreptitiously, manage to turn around the sight was something I did expect not at all.

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6/3/2006 1:19 pm

NICE! But then what?????

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6/3/2006 1:55 pm


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6/3/2006 2:13 pm

May all your dreams come true.

tugger10 58M
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6/3/2006 10:53 pm

your not dreamimg its about to take place

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