A new week begins  

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6/12/2006 12:12 pm

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A new week begins

My youngest had her baby one day last week , and I wasnt there and wasnt told what day , time or what she had - told you before , she hates me.
I was told by her sister that she was suppose to have a boy so I can only guess it was a boy - I was told by my grandfather that she and her so-called husband lives with along with my uncle ,his son and his girlfriend - that the baby is beautiful and looks healthy - This is killing me and it hurts sooooooooooooo much , I long to see him if only a glance , I rather hold him , little kisses and to tell him that no matter what "his grandma loves him and always will."
My life is more of a living hell more then before - my grand baby is across the hall and I cant see him , or even hear him crying - I cry more often now not cuz I am so lonely and in need of a good man to want me -
the air conditioning unit isnt working good , so its hot here in the apt and I have 2 fans on me and I still burn up.
I dont need someone for a sounding board , I need someone to hold me , let me have a good cry without words , just to be there for me when I just need a hug and kiss. But that seems to much to ask now a days.
BUT , I cant say that - I have a new friend but he lives about 5 hrs away and he emails me and even called me over the weekend - He is a lifesaver so far , just cant wait to meet him to feel his strong arms around me . If we only meet as friends , I will be happy.
My you all have a GOOD Week and All your DESIRES CUM TRUE..

TabithaElectra79 37F

6/12/2006 12:24 pm

I kind of understand how you feel, as I have not spoken with my dad for years...I hope you find that someone to hold you....

rm_madro40 51M

6/12/2006 12:41 pm

I hope you find what you are seeking. I can only imagine how much it hurts. Now that both of my parents are gone, way too soon I might add, I wish I had done more. Keep trying you'll get there!


sexymom20069 48F

6/12/2006 12:49 pm

Thank you "TabithaElectra79"
Good Luck and all my best , Linda

sexymom20069 48F

6/12/2006 2:11 pm

Thanks also "madro40" - she spoke to me today only to tell me to be quite cuz her baby was trying to sleep - but didnt give me a chance to reply - I might of said "what baby ?" but doubt it.
I was told she did have a boy and had a some hair. and the maintenance came from their apt and I asked did he see my grandbaby and he said "yeah , he is a big baby".
As you can guess , I am crying again - its sad and it hurts so bad.
"Good Luck and All my best to All , Linda"
Oh , I may get lucky and my cousin who lives there may tell my mom the baby's name - he says he doesnt even know it - but who knows , unfortunately my cousin is one messed up guy.

Dowd3 42M

6/13/2006 8:00 am

Good news! A big baby grandson. And a healthy one at that. So far I think you are being blessed one step at a time. I know you want more than that, but you have to admit the baby hasn't told you a thing to worry about yet. The mother is being difficult, but the baby is everything you might hope for so far. Keep heart, Linda. I've told you many times there are few things as indispensable as a grandmother. After all, who's going to spoil the little guy if not you?

Take care

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