A deep  

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5/13/2006 10:00 pm

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A deep

Embrace , putting our arms around each other drinking in each others breath - like we was dying of thrist. Hands moving up and down each other , as if we was blind and wanted to rememebr what each other felt like in our senses.
A long kiss getting to know each others tongues like it was our first and only meeting.
Kissing and bitting my neck , hearing me moan and beg for you to make love to me as if I was dying.
Spreading my legs wide apart taking your time , teasing my clit with your tongue tasting me as you tease me. Making me beg for you to please go deep in my hot wet pussy then to please to cum up and share my juices with me. Making me cum over and over..
Then demanding that I take your hard cock deep in my mouth , you grab my head and start fucking my mouth - gagging me and I squirt as you cum deep into my hot throat. Then you dare bring me up and taste of your own juices.
Then we lay side by side , talking and touching - I feel you get hard from just my touch. You grab my and put me on your chest so you can eat me out some more. Then slide me down to your hard cock. I ride you as you suck and bite my nipples. I cant take much more , I cum and squirt all over your hard cock.

I am too weak to move , you roll me over - keeping your hard cock bruied deep in my wet hot pussy. You put my legs in the air and pound me so fucking hard that I squirt more.
You slide your still hard cock out and slowly tease my tight asshole with the tip of your cock , I moan and beg you to please fuck my ass and cum in me. You look into my eyes as you slide your cock in their. I feel you almost explode as soon as you enter. But you stop savoring the feel of it.
You pump hard as you look into my eyes telling me that we only belong to each other as you explode deep in my ass. MMMMMMMMMMMM Feels so fucking good and hot. Then you lay on top of me and we fall asleep .

rm_goodat691962 54M
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5/14/2006 12:08 am

it all sounds real good if your wheeling to go along with what you wrote love ya d

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