A Story - Enjoy  

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A Story - Enjoy

We are watching a movie , its kind of scary and I am sitting on your lap. Then all of a sudden , I reach over and turn it off. You look at me and you see the fire of Passion and Desire burning in my eyes. No words are needed , you bend my head back and start kissing me deep and demanding. I moan in your mouth as you start sucking my tongue. You know me so well , you run your hands on my breast , softly pinching and pulling my nipples.
I run my hands on your chest and play with your small nipples , your still kissing me and we are still sucking back and forth on each others tongues - we moan as we feel like we are on fire. You stop kissing me and move your mouth to my neck , you start licking and biting my neck knowing what it does to me , it sends shock waves to my hot wet cunt. I move my hands down lower , you raise up so I can get to your rock hard cock that is calling to me.
We are already almost nude , you have on boxers and a t-shirt and I have on your fave black nightie. You take off my nightie as I am stroking your hard cock. You start biting on my nipples as my nightie is above my head and not completely off. I moan as you bite harder , I beg you softly to please make love to me. You have me get up , you take my hand , led me to the bedroom.
You lay me on the bed and take off your clothes. I watch with passion and desire. I know your gonna make love to me like no one else ever has or will.
You cum up between my legs but you don't enter my cunt , you kiss me all over my body starting with my calif's that drive you wild. You get to my cunt , spread my lips open and start licking,biting my clit. I buck my hips up begging you to eat me but , you push my hips down and demand that I lay still or your gonna whip my ass.
You run your tongue up and down , driving me crazy to the point where I am begging PLEASE BABY, PLEASE EAT ME ! , You finally spread my lips wide and start tongue fucking my wet hot cunt , I squirt so easy for you now. You know the spot to hit. I moan over and over as you keep eating me , making me weak from cumming so much. Then you stop and continue kissing my body to my awaiting mouth to share my juices with me. MMMMMMMMM
Then you turn me over , so you can kiss and tongue my hot ass - MMMMMM
I beg you to please finger my ass so you can fuck me hard and deep there. I feel your fingers going in and out , I raise my ass up so you can go deeper. You growl at me and smack my ass a couple of times. I moan cuz you make it feel good.
After you get enough of playing with my ass. You turn me back over and demand that I suck your cock to the point to where you want to cum but don't.
I gladly go down and start sucking your cock and your balls , I even go down to the spot between your cock and ass. I put my hand under your ass and start fingering your ass with 2 fingers , that drives you crazy. I feel you tense up about to explode but you don't stop me. You cum deep in my mouth, then I raise you , cum up with my pussy rubbing all over your body . Straddle your face and you lick me some more. Then , you demand that I cum and kiss you. You want to taste our juices mixed together.
I do as you say. As we are kissing , I slide my pussy up and down your cock but not going in completely , I feel you shove your cock deep in my wet hot cunt. We are still kissing as you fuck me hard and deep while riding you. I feel myself squirting and cumming so hard. You make my cunt tingle , I start shaking as I have the biggest Orgasm ever before. You feel it too. I fall on you and lay there but you roll me off , cum up between my legs and slide your cock deep and demanding in my pussy , your not gonna let it end there , you want me to cum more and hard again. I start moving my hips to met your strides. I cum again hard as I feel you exploding deep within my cunt.
Then you lay on me as we share more kissing and touching of our hands.
You move to the side of me not leaving my side.

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5/11/2006 7:45 am

I like it ... Sure gave me a hard on Reading it
You are a good writer


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