A Sexual Feeling  

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7/15/2006 3:32 pm

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A Sexual Feeling

I lay and let you touch my body , not in a sexual way but in a wanting , needing way. You plant tender kisses up and down my body. I moan to you please baby , please let me please you after your done pleasing me.

You kiss me soft yet demanding. You drink in my breath as if you was dying of thirst. You slide your hands all over my body making love to every inch as you touch softly. I raise my hips up to give you access. You hold me down with one hand on the top of my hot spot as a finger slides in , just fair enough. I can't hold back the juices as you enter me ever so slow and tantalizing me.

Then you spread my legs and drink up the juices. I pull you up to taste my juices from your mouth. You moan my name as you enter my hot spot with your hard throbbing cock. Pumping ever so slowly and teasing not only me but yourself. I moan your name as I feel myself cumming a river it feels like.

Just when I cum the last time and I moan I beg you please baby , please release yourself deep inside of me now as I cum one more time. You wrap your arms around me and let go. OH WHAT A FEELING.

You roll to the side of me but not letting go of me , with arms still wrapped around me. We lay facing each other. Kissing and licking each other softly. I work free from you only to lay you on your back , plant little licks and kisses down to your still wet cock. Mixed with our juices , I suck and your cock raises again.

I slide on to your cock , driving myself to squirt. I stop ask you to please roll over onto your stomach. You look into my eyes , kiss me once and do what I asked. I rub my hot wet soaking hot spot on your ass cheeks , as I rub your back and cum over and over.

By this time I am a little weak , I lay beside you as you turn over. Get me to move on all 4's. Cum up behind me , slide your throbbing again cock into my hot spot but long enough to feel me getting wet once more. Then without a word , spread my ass cheeks and pump my ass. Tender at first then hard deep pumps. You go over the edge and explode as you hear me moan your name over and over.


daighi 49M
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7/15/2006 4:46 pm

Hi sexy yet another HOT post.You have my cock in an almost constant state of arousal.

But i guess it would be like that anyway,if i was with you.I think you are SO HOT!..& i'm loving it ALL.

You are such a wonderful,warm & sexy person,inside & out!.

I wrote a new blog entry tonight,& i was thinking of you as i wrote it.

It's part one of an epic erotic story,I hope that you enjoy it!?

Hugs,kisses,& licks to you honey,talk with you soon!


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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