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HMMMMMMMMM - Lets See ::
Me giving you road head as we drive to the movies. You pull into the parking lot , hold my head as you explode deep in my mouth. Pulling me up to watch me swallow it then you kiss me deep and demanding , pulling my hair back to kiss and bite my neck..

I lick your ear as I nibble on your ear lobe.. You growl as I bite a little too hard , you grab my tit , squeezing it hard. I moan cuz I love it so much when you grab my tits and squeeze hard and demanding.. Then you raise my top up over my head exposing my tits , you suck and bite each nipple. As I feel your hand unzipping my jeans , I raise up and pull my jeans down to my ankles. You reach over to lean my seat back as far as you can. You then spread my legs as far as possible , start fingering then fisting my hot wet pussy. I moan and beg you to please eat me.

After cumming and squirting afew times. You get out , cum to my side of the car . After opening my door , you get on your knees and start eating me out. I cum more and more. I scream as I squirt hard on your tongue... Cumming up , you share my juices with me. We get out and find a towel to clean up.

Then we go in and watch the movie. During a part of the movie , I have to go to the restroom. As soon as I get in there , your right behind me. I cum out of the stall. You have your cock out stroking it. I get on my knees to give you head but you stop me before you cum in my mouth. You lean me over the sink counter. Pull my pants back down. Slide your hard cock into my wet hot pussy..

You pump slow and deep for a few mins.. Then faster , harder and deeper til you and I explode together. This time , I clean your cock off with my mouth tasting our juices mixed together. MMMMMMMMMMM taste so good. I get up so you can clean my hot wet pussy with a few wet paper towels. We go back and catch the end of the movie.


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